Graveyard Shift

In the late winter of 1164, Alissa, Oscar, Eloise and Gus Rais were approached by Tolokobayger, the kobold. The kobold was looking for help in returning a treasure to the kobold queendom. For a 20% cut, the group agreed to recover the treasure with him. Accompanying them were Kamca the maimed, Muma the preacher, Melbil the hardy, Rolf the bear and Banri the careless.

In the former lair of the Kobold King (Tolokobayger called him a pretender) the kobold started digging and produced a huge treasure chest. Alissa checked for traps and found the chest safe of such contraptions. Eloise was almost taken by surprise by the poison needle trap, but managed to disarm the hellish apparatus at the last moment. She only found a note saying prepare to die.

Hearing the dumbstruck reactions of the party, Six Wild Elves, Six Bandits and the notorious Atir Torchburial bursted through the doors, taking the party by surprise! Hard was the battle, Eloise was knocked out and Rolf, the hampered, was badly bruised. Shields splintered aplenty but 2 consecutive sleep spells from the Magic-Users brought down the whole ambush. The Bandits and the elves were slain, but Oscar made a mistake by attempting to torture Atir before he could be bound. Before anyone could react, the bastard got away! But not before his ear was cut off in the brutal mutilation attempt. The party couldn’t care less about the escape and only Alissa shed tears, for the 700gp reward for the capture of the Bandit were unobtainable now.

They questioned Tolokobayer: he himself recieved the information about the treasure from his acquintance Trabaldus during a chance encounter in the wilderness. The party decided to let him go back to the Kobold Queendom to search for more clues regarding the disappeared treasure. They agreed to meet up as soon as possible again. The party went back to Passionhelm to rest and recuperate.

to the outer city

Only the meager ill gotten gains they liberated from the slain ambushers, the former ambushees lusted for more gold and went into the outer city in search of the Necromancers, as Akkad Feathercandle tasked Eloise. Just go and see what they're up to.

On the way, Eloise calmed down the Ghost of a maiden, that went haywire on them weeks ago.

The vile sorcerors were busy and had raised the fallen adventurers Mawada and Lorbam among others to serve in their horde. They were put down and Alissa ordered the construction of a funeral pyre in one of the empty shops. Systematically, all shops in the shopping district were entered. Engravings of Edzul Paperequals the icy spear were found. They told of her history, of her removal from the position of Queen and of her turning to the dark forces of the world. Fisttakes was also mentioned to be in her posession. Whatever that is. Twenty-seven skeletons were packed in the next store, but the party was experienced in dealing with these creatures now and they were slain without casualties.

Battle by Battle, the scattered and uncoordinated forces of the inflicted their toll of fatigue and bruises upon the party. Skeletal Champions and their necromantic masters were ambushed and the former ones were thrown into flight. The party did not dare penetrate the magical darkness the last room was filled with. Eloise and Alissa were almost enchanted and who knows what could have happened in the dark tunnels.

Bypassing the Badgers, the party tried to navigate a series of dwarven tombs and crushed some Burrowing Beetles in the process. A ghost around the corner was too much for the party, who was in increasingly worse shape and was running out of time, for they remembered the crucial prophecy: “[…] Only the bravest souls may navigate Koganusân unhindered, and even they cannot do so for long lest HE will come down upon them[…]”


And so they made their escape from Koganusân. Eloise led the undertaking but was cornered by a ghostly Guardsdwarf and was laid in irons by the apparition. Everyone now wanted to touch her ankle to see if the shackles were actually there, for Eloise’s legs felt really heavy from then on.

Back in town

Eloise tried to get rid of the spectral shackles with holy water, to no avail. A random Yahoo on the street remarked, how Eloise must be from Girlclocks, because they’re so fashion-slaves over there. he also told the rumor that travellers that left Passionhelm for Girlclocks to head south never once returned. It couldn’t be because Passionhelm was a shithole, right?

Gus Rais fetched Eloise, who reported to Akkad Feathercandle what had happened in the Dungeon. to pass through darkness, one must be at one with light he said and handed them each a scroll of Light.

To get rid of the curse, Akkad referred Eloise to the Ylath temple in Girlclocks.