Haunted tunnels

First expedition

An eventful day for the party. Dixil, newly arrived Eloise, noble Jaromir and his squire mounted an expedition to Koganusân. In the Storyhome Inn they hired Id, the dwarf, Banri the fighting man, and an old shepherd as help. Rolf spent the past week deciphering the dwarven book he found weeks ago and told the party that the area beyond the cave river was not yet within reach. The drawbridge had to be lowered first. The corresponding levers were described to be behind a secret door to the north in the jail area.

Down the main hallway they went. Anog the goblin was met leading a scout party and contact was established. They were friendly enough and Jaromir quickly found common ground with the glow-eyes. They took positions in the main hallway but wouldn’t say anything about their mission. The party headed north to the prison area and found the secret door. Behind it there was indeed a lever room and a deadly contraption. Shepherd tried to scoop up the coins at the end of a hallway, only for the hallway to seemingly collapse and change it’s orientation by 90 degrees down. The conspicuous wall spikes at the end of the hallway now impaled Shepherd wo fell onto them. It was a quick death but he could not be recovered, the danger was too great. The party pulled both levers and headed south

Further down the main hallway party smashed in a door and routed a troupe of Badgermen. The Sword of exploding awesomeness distinguished itself by creating even bigger explosions the more often it was swung. Their leader tried to make a run for it with his concubines, but was cornered and slain by the party and so was his entourage. Eloise’s magic missile helped carry the day. The treasure they had tried to carry to safety with them fell into the party’s hands. 3’200 gp richer and the Badgermen's insignia sash in their pocket the party decided to secure their earnings, especially since the (now) six of them were struggling to carry so much loot. On the way back, Anog the goblin noticed the treasure but was intimidated by the fact that the party defeated a Badger-warband without a scratch! He managed to dicker a favour due from the party. On the way out Mumen and Kogsak, two dwarven adventurers, were encountered. They quickly took their leave and headed into Koganusân

Second expedition

The people were in high spirit and another expedition was mounted on the same day. A kobold patrol was quickly dispatched, Dixil sacrificed his shield though. The party returned to the lever room to find out if anything changed but only Shepherd’s dead empty eyes were there, judging his employer, Dixil. Wandering through the jail area, Dixil and Jaromir were beckoned by a child’s voice. The voice belonged to the ghost of Dog-Boy, Paytah’s dead foster son. He lamented long and tasked the party to bring those that should have known better, Sana, Mirding and Paytah himself, to him. Then he disappeared.

Exploring the Badger-area further, Id walked under a green slime! The poor fellow was entirely covered with the wicked acidic substance and screamed in pain. Eloise figured out that Fire was the creature’s weakness and oil was poured onto Id and incinerated. After a second oil flask the slime was entirely destroyed. But alas, Id was no more as well. The flames were too much for the dwarf. That green slime found it’s way into his lungs didn’t help either. Jaromir carried his comrade.

The party carried on and found a tasty mushroom buffet. “Don’t eat those weird ones.” Eloise warned and Jaromir took a bite from a tasty Plump Helmet mushroom regardless. Further, they came to an engravings chamber at a crossroads just before the river. Eloise deciphered the engravings while the others marveled the masterful artwork of Elephants crushing dwarf after dwarf after dwarf under their feet. Eloise concluded that they were made by Emperor Sankis, the beardless over a hundred years ago. Next a chamber with a peculiar rectangular cavity was entered the Floodgate to the cave river was opened and closed again without much of an impact.

Northwards lay a devastated farm. Dixil poked around into a pool only to discover Mumen's dead body. The countless leeches must have been too much even for a dwarf. Kogsak was not found and the party assumed the worst. even further north the party discovered a destroyed serpent-man lair. Broken spears and egg shells gave testament to the struggle. A Serpentman insignia was also found among the ruins.

After long hours of exploring the party headed back out, but on the way they came across the Ghost of a Wife. Jaromir, Id and Dixil were all in front and felt that the apparition of a charming dwarf woman had adressed only them and all started talking, contradicting themselves frequently. It didn’t help that faithful Jaromir didn’t play into her dilusion and mentioned his own wife back at home which pushed the confused ghost over the edge. A terrible Wraith took her place, blocking the oh so near exit! “Whatever you do, don’t let it touch you!” shouted Eloise. Fearlessly Dixil charged the undead, passing through it and the party followed his example and ran towards the exit. Jaromir and Corney, his squire, were weighed down by the corpses of Mumen and Id and the Wraith managed to touch Jaromir, draining his essence!

Back at town Jaromir and his pals pleaded at the temples, but nobody but the gods could grant the required Restoration. Mitra, Freya, Arkath, Elrath, Ylath, nobody answered Passionhelm’s calls for divine intervention. And so Jaromir passed away in his room at the Storyhome Inn the next day. To the terror of his comrades he immediately rose as a Wraith himself! It was a huge commotion and before Exorcists could arrive Jaromir had slipped away into the Spirit-space