Hero Abilities

Abilities must be taught by masters of the respective class/race

The idea is that once you reach a certain level of experience (about 10’000 Experience points), you begin specializing and eventually know all the secrets of your class by name-level (9th, 10th or 11th level)


Fighter abilities

Second wind: at any point during play, immediately heal 1d10 + level hit points (even directly before damage is applied). Once per Adventure

Press the advantage: When rolling melee or ranged damage, double your die size (d6 → d12, d4 → d8, d8 → d16). Once per Adventure

Walk it off: When you would take a wound at 0 HP, either substract or add 1 to the 2d6 roll. Once per adventure

Cleric abilities

Devout servant: (In combat only) Pray with 10 additional reputation for divine intervention to your patron god. Once per adventure

Sacrifice: if a nearby comrade would suffer damage, you can instead suffer that damage (choose before or after damage is rolled). Once per adventure

Encouragement: for a single saving throw, Allies gain a +4 to their saving throws against Fear and Charm effects in that round. Declare use anytime. Once per adventure

Magic-user abilities

Read Magic at will (as long as you have 1st level spell slots, no spell slot is consumed)

Glorious Light: you gain a free light spell (no spell slot consumed as long as you have 1st level slots). This light is never blinding even when cast upon the eyes of a foe. You can regulate the intensity of this light just fine so that you can illuminate a great hall or something similar. (may need work)

Maximum Spellpower: Every die on a hit point damage dealing spell is treated as if the maximum has been rolled for damage. Once per adventure

Thief abilities

Evasion: Set your AC to 0 for one round. Don’t use this ability if you’re helpless (paralyzed, knocked out). Once per adventure

Lucky Lockpick: For 2 Cloaks&Daggers actions you can substitute Thieves tools if you don’t have any.

Slippery: reroll any saving throw. Once per adventure

Dwarf abilities

Ignore Wounds: For one round you can ignore all wound effects (e.g. broken sword arm, fatal wound). Once per adventure

Diehard: When rolling on the Death and dismemberment table, roll 1d6+6 instead. Once per adventure

Snap out of it: after a failed saving throw, ignore being paralyzed, charmed, being knocked out or stunned. Once per adventure

Elf abilities

Elven Wisdom: Gain knowledge of 4 the following languages: Gnoll, Goblin, Kobold, Lizard, Hobgoblin, Ursine, Feline, Canine, Slug, Insect (clacking), Spider (clacking)

Ancient Tenacity: +2 to saves against spells and complete immunity to the “sleep” spell.

Augmented Eyes: as long as there is a light source, you see twice as far as other races.

Goblin abilities

to come

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