The Smooth Points of Pride is an online role-playing campaign with various participants from across the world. The campaign is set in the Borderlands region of the Ageless Universe (about which you can read on this wiki), a contested region between the mountain range Smooth Points of Pride, two human realms and the Land of the Beastmen. At the edge of the region is the walled town of Passionhelm and the abandoned dwarven Fortress Koganusân, Boatmurdered in the human tongue.

Games are *7pm to 10pm GMT+1 on Thursdays* and *5pm to 8pm on Sundays* on roll20. Voice communication is over Discord https://discord.gg/kvSuCbQ .

Contact flavio.max.mueller@bluemail.ch if you want to join or show up at gametime in discord with a microphone. Beginners welcome!

The System we’re using is houseruled Labyrinth Lord at the moment. Download (I am not the author of the rules, credit goes to Alex Schröder) check also the Houserules for important addenda.

Session reports

The Kingdom of the Grand Dunes, the Bandits (ongoing, sundays)

  1. sixth november Enter the pyramid
  2. thirteenth november Betrayal at the pyramid in the sands
  3. twentieth november [[Treachery abound!]]
  4. twenty-seventh november I don't remember what happened in this one
  5. fourth december Of Nerds and Princesses
  6. 11th december Peace of the Sexes
  7. 18th december Sleep
  8. 8th January [[tourist_guides?]]
  9. GAP but mostly pyramid stuff
  10. 5th February [[Really_embark?_This_is_your_only_warning?]]
  11. 12th February Renata the robber baroness

The Borderlands, the Passionhelm Company (ongoing, thursdays)

  1. First session 17th december Too many cooks wreck the monsters
  2. Second session 22nd december Riding the pain-train all the way to Goblin-town
  3. Third session 29th december Elf hostage, what do?
  4. Fourth session 7th january Haunted tunnels
  5. Fifth session 14th january Wannabe necropolis
  6. Sixth session 21st january How I learned to stop worrying about spiders and use the d30 on poison saves
  7. Seventh session 28th january Legit Necropolis
  8. Eighth session 4th february deposing the Kobold King
  9. Ninth session 11th february Splintered Shields
  10. Tenth session 18th february Graveyard Shift
  11. Eleventh session 25th february Confronting the Necromancer
  12. Twelth session 3rd march Bad time for Dinnertime
  13. Thirteenth session 10th march Ousting Mayor Soaplunge
  14. Fourteenth session 17th march Bring light into darkness
  15. Fifteenth session 24th march Double Feature
  16. Sixteenth session 31th march You're a big skeleton
  17. Seventeenth session 14th april A New Hole
  18. Eighteenth session 21st april The Badgers struck back
  19. Nineteenth session 5th may Smash and Grab
  20. Twentieth session 17th may: You should see the OTHER guy!
  21. Twenty-first session 19th may: When a minotaur comes a'knocking
  22. Twenty-second session 26th may: Shadow of the Rat King
  23. Twenty-third session 2nd june: A sponge of Ice. And Fire Melbil's and Norgoth's report
  24. Twenty-fourth session 9th june: Down the shitter
  25. Twenty-fifth session 16th june: The Serpent Slayers
  26. Twenty-sixth session 23st june: The Thwarting of Atir Torchburial
  27. Twenty-seventh session 30th june: The blue goblins
  28. Twenty-eighth session 7th july: Shadowforge detour
  29. Twenty-ninth session 14th july: Lord of the Crawlers
  30. Thirtiest session 21st july: Spirit Tongue
  31. Thirty-first session 28th july: The Echoviolence Incident
  32. Thirty-second session 4th august: Mitra tames the Roc
  33. Thirty-third session 11th august: Flying beasties
  34. Thirty-fourth session 18th august: Who let the snakes out
  35. 25th August: A new low
  36. 1st September: Enter the War Room
  37. 23rd September: Meeting Funifuni - seeing Norgot off
  38. 29th September: Northern Adventures
  39. 6th October: Torrent Valley
  40. 13th October: Back to the Borderlands
  41. 20th October: [[Passionhelm_at_last?]]
  42. 27th October: [[The_Duchy_of_the_Wolf?]]
  43. 3rd November: I'm a genius by the way
  44. 10th November: It's all fun and games until you smite your companions
  45. 17th November: Time Travel 1
  46. 24th November: [[Time_Travel_2?]]
  47. 1st December: [[Minor_Detour?]]
  48. 8th December: [[Render_upon_PCs_what_is_PCs'?]]
  49. 15th December: [[The_Return?]]
  50. 5th January: A chasm too far
  51. 12th January: [[Searching?]]
  52. 19th January: [[Introducing_the_savage_beast_people?]]
  53. 26th January: [[The_cohorts_of_Rabin,_the_giant_chieftain?]]
  54. 2nd February: [[Frigidus,_the_Ice_Devil?]]
  55. 9th February: I don't remember what happened in this one episode II

It is the first year of the Interregnum, The regency council of Mistrumomon Ibid, The Treasure Realm, restored order in the heartlands of the realm and the soon-to-be King Tada was given birth by the queen.

The People of Passionhelm are currently faced with a newly developing power in the Borderlands: the Necromancers of Deyja, the secret Realm. After an incident in the then neutral town of Echoviolence where Soldiers of Passionhelm and Deyja clashed in a bloody fight on the market square, The two sides have established diplomatic relations. An uneasy mood looms over the town though: Can the necromancers be trusted to remain peaceful or are they out to turn everyone into undead servants?

The messengers and heralds that Prince Sandro, of Deyja has sent to Passionhelm only talk of peace. They also speak of opportunity, for the undead servants are clearing the rainforest to make land available for new settlers. This has infuriated the faithful of Ylath in the city, who see themselves as the sole protectors and benefactors of the still numerous (and mostly human) settlers of the Borderlands.

For locations, look at the World Map (outdated, refer to the roll20 virtual tabletop for an up to date map) https://app.roll20.net/join/1090678/3mjPqw You will need a free account, if you don’t already have one.

1165 Pamphlet Dragon's Maze

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