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You can do everything that is in the rulebook Halberds&Helmets. You can also use the following:

Additional character classes:

Shields: Any one character may only carry 1 shield at a time. (also see: shieldblock

Resting, Regaining Spells. Whenever you rest for the night, you regain half your hitpoints (round up) and one spell slot of your choice. If you already have more than half your hitpoints you regain 1 hitpoint per rest until you reach your maximum. *You regain all your spell slots and hit points at the end of every adventure/session*

High Intelligence: in addition to knowing languages besides your own (Yes, Human is a language) you can roll a d20 and if the result is below your intelligence score you may figure out a hint or tip about a monster you are currently fighting or a trap you’re stuck in. Example: you are fighting a unknown kind of were-creature, a successfrul intelligence check gives you the knowledge that this were-tapir is vulnerable to acid and copper weapons. also influences your Willpower. Magic-Users have additional spells in their repertoire if their intelligence is high enough (13 at least)

High Wisdom: prevents against Mind damaging attacks/psionics. If your willpower drops to 2, you are considered stark raving mad and can’t play the character anymore (GM control).

Character Background: at any point in the game a character can announce his background (he can only do so once). Your background can be flavourful and with no real mechanical use or it can provide you with skill options (2 in 6 or even automatic success for that task instead of 1 in 6). Either choose one yourself or roll on this table: Character Background Options


  1. are Devoted
  2. are Subordinate to a master
  3. Will risk their life for their master
  4. are Rewarded by their master
  5. Their number (and loyalty) is limited by their master’s charisma