How I learned to stop worrying about spiders and use the d30 on poison saves

The Natural Caves were aimed. Gus Rais arrived too late for the start of the “conference” between Eloise, Dixil, Banri and Alissa. The three fighting-people and the Charlatan welcomed the down on his luck gambler into their midst and set out to Koganus├ón. On the way Snodub, the goblin, approached the party. She warned the party about an ambush by the kobold King set just beyond the main gates. The party chose another way in through the northern channels.

after fiddling with levers whose functions have not been passed down through the generations of the party, the adventurers entered Goblintown. The Master was pleased to see the party returning and hoped that they would descend into the caves just south of Goblintown and clear them of the hostile Serpentmen. And he was not disappointed. Bravely the party lined up single file to explore the narrow passages. Renal and Lorbam turned up just in time to help reinforce the party before their descent.

A free area with a peculiar stalagmite and stalagtite formation was discovered. The party was able to spot the danger from the stony appendages hanging from the ceiling and tried to clear a path by shooting the unstable ones. The falling Rocks’ tremors quickly attracted the attention of thirty-three skeletons who came streaming out of nearby caves! Former Bat- and Rat-men were descending upon the party. Renal managed to turn away the Bat-men, and Dixil held off the Rat-men one by one in the narrow passages. Doing the overwhelming undead force peacemeal, Dixil was battered and after the battle Renal gave Dixil new resolve and eased his pain with the analgesic Lay on Hands miracle. In the former primitives’ caves preserved hides and bone crafts worth 5000gp were found.

Dixil led the party further south. Right into the 8-legged arms of Giant Crab Spiders! Nasty was the battle. Dixil was taken by surprise and the spiders injected him with lethal poison! Damn these Spiders that don’t weave nets, they’re the worst kind! (not that infamous Giant Cave Spiders who do are any less nasty).

Dying, Dixil tasked his subordinate Alissa to take him to the goblins for help. Back in Goblintown Alissa decided that if he could be saved Dixil would convert to Asno. Good enough for the goblins and they promptly attempted the Ritual of making the bad blood go away but Dixil didn’t live through it. He would never witness the completion of his stone house in the city (“Maybe I’ll burn down the town and then I’d be the only one with a house”, Alissa remembered him joking)

Alissa, stricken by grief, didn’t mind Eloise taking command. Eloise pressed on in exploring the caves and the Spider room was revisited. Gus Rais harvested the spiders fangs for his trophy necklace. Now he only needed to find someone to make it.

hissing speech around the next corner was noticed. Inspired by his conversation about gods with Gus, Renal stepped around the corner to convert the sixteen Serpentmen who had set up camp around the corner. They were not swayed by the interloper and held firm to their belief in Set, god of poisonous people and assassins, “No Sssssolicitorsssss!”. The nerve of those missionaries. They were peaceful although wary towards the party. A sleep spell just might have done it but it might have been mighty risky too. They told the heroes to bugger off back to their goblin masters and to tell them to prepare to die. And the party did so sans the smack talk.

Deciding to go back to town to bury and mourn Dixil, the party took the northern route, avoiding the Kobold ambush. Renal’s idea to ask the goblins if they could spend the night in Goblintown was rejected by the party although being closer to the more and more acute growing conflict might have developed a dynamic of it’s own.

Back in town, Alissa enforced (presumably) Dixil’s last will and donated his belongings to the church of Ylath. Eloise doubled down on that and threw 1’500 gp onto the offering plate! An apperitif was served in honour of this event at the mission and the whole party was invited. Gus Rais was befriended by a Monk of Ylath who adeptly crafted the fangs onto a cord. Although worthless the Spider Fang pendant now hangs from Gus’ neck. Renal was outraged that his party members would prefer Ylath over Freya but who can say no to free hors-d’oevres and passionhelm lager(TM)?

Considering Eloise a trusted, kindred soul, Reverend Tamun, servant of Ylath, trusted the party with his views on the latest events. The elves had to cease their raids on Ylath’s faithful or they would have to be removed. That the Wild Elves were supposedly in league with the Birds of Freedom under Atir Torchburial was troubling as well. Eloise promised to look into it.