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Taken from Genesis

The Giants meanwhile established their own holdings and while [[Hel?]] explored the world [[Uöden?]] and Freya had many children together who in turn had children themselves. When the population became so large that their home, the mystical Jötunheim, could not support them anymore, the children split into 6 groups to make homes for themselves.

All posessions were also divided, though not in equal measure. The Storm tribe had the best pick of the weapons and armor, for they needed them to secure the homeland against the giants’ many enemies. The deadliest magic was also bestowed upon them, for only they were worthy to wield such powers.

The Cloud tribe had the second pick of the magic and used it to settle the clouds.

The Fire tribe had the second pick of the weapons and armor. They would need it to combat the dangerous desert creatures.

The Leaf tribe were content with what the forest would provide them.

The Frost tribe took whatever was leftover.

Nothing remained for the Stickpickers and they had to fend for themselves.

They settled the earth before us civilized people even existed!

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