Gorek Brommelson Lv- 5 XP: 9193 HP: 24 Str: 10 Dex: 18 Con: 15 Int: 12 Wis: 6 Char 13

200g Inventory: Cassandra (Dwarven Longarm), Dwarven Heavy Crossbow 2 Dwarven Satchel Charges 70 normal bullets, 10Armor Piercing Rounds, 10 Incedeniary Rounds, Dwarven mail and plate armor, Dwarven mail coif, Dwarven Handaxe and Shield Dwarven Welders goggles and mask The complete Dwarven Set of Smithy and Engineering Tinker’s Tools (tm) (includes bullet moulds and various schematics) Monocle, Dwarven Mining Pickaxe Dwarven Mail Climbing Boots Dwarven Mail CLimbing Gauntlets. Provisions, Tinderbox, Dwarven Air Filtration Device, Tent and rollmat, Lucky rock, Cloak, Iron Door Spikes LUL, Dwarven Lightglass Lantern, Swarven Gas Mask, Dwarven Fishing rod and tackle/bait, Cask of Dwarven Ale, Slave Collar and Chain, Poiton of Super Heroism ( 4 extra levels for duration. 3d10+3 hitpoints) Potion of Amnimal Control Reptile Protect from Magic Scroll Bracers of Defense (ac 4 when no other armor) Arrows +1 (11) A Diamond accelerator mechanical, 2 springs trigger mechanism 5 small cogs 3 big cogs diamond dust


Mute curse enhanced hearing and fear

Prince Anseis- Human Fighter 6 hp LV: XP: Str: 18 Dex: 13 Con: 16 Int: 9 Wis:6 Char: 10

Inventory: Shield,Plate Mail, Longsword, Cloak, Royal Crest, Tabard with coat of Relian coat of arms, Provision and water for 3 days, dagger, Spear, Papers of Nobility with Royal Seal and House Signet Ring (proves to other nobles that he is in fact the Prince of Relia)

Ardeth’s Inventory: Large Leather Scrip (backpack) Staff made of oak wood and amber. Topped with a Sulfuric prysm Food rations and water for 4 days Pouch of Feathers (suitable to cut into writing quills) Knife Copper Prysm 3 full vials of purified wyvern blood ink Medium sized bag of old eggs 4 skinned bat hides, with fur Wolf fur cloak 2 bottles of tar pitch Fluted glass rod Leather pouch filled with bat dung Large pouch filled with sulphur dust Notebooks and sheafs of parchment