Jousting is a knightly sport practiced in the [[Treasure_Realm?]]. Both skill as well as dexterity are needed.

The contest is played in a best of 3, best of 5 or best of 7 manner. When a participant is unhorsed, they lose immediately, no matter how many wins they scored before.

Your joust value is 10 + your fighter-level. Non-fighters have a default joust value of 5.

When you engage in jousting, both you and the opponent simultaneously roll 1d20. Your goal is to roll under your joust value, which grants a success. Should both participants achieve a success, the higher number is the tie-breaker. In any case, the winner of this round is awarded a win Should both parties achieve the same result, the joust is inconclusive and must be repeated.

If one contestant didn’t achieve a success while the other did, that party must avoid being unhorsed. The party being unhorsed must roll under their dexterity. Failure indicates that they were unhorsed.


Values over 20 give a bonus of Value-20 to every roll, with die roll results of 20 or higher being a success.

A natural 20 is always a fumble and no successes can be achieved

Bonuses to Joust value:

Penalties to Joust value:

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