Kobold Class

Kobolds are a race of small humanoids (maximum 90cm tall, avg. 60-70cm). The other races look down upon them because they usually go through life by stealing from other civilizations.

Kobolds are quick to learn and advance quickly in levels. Kobolds are weak and their strength is set to 7 and cannot rise above. They are also nimble and gain additional dexterity after character creation (enough to reach the next higher dexterity bonus to a maximum of 18)

You are restricted to leather armor. You can wield shields and you can shieldblock.

The only weapons you can use are: Dagger, shortsword, spear, sling, shortbow,

you begin play with a silver weapon or silver tipped weapon of your choice (you stole it of course). Your starting money is halved.

your hit die is the d4

  1. Level 0 (Tribesman)
  2. Level 1’000 (Scout)
  3. Level 2’001 (Warrior)
  4. Level 4’001 (Knight)
  5. Level 8’001 (Baron)
  6. Level 16’001 (Count)
  7. Level 32’001 (Duke)
  8. Level 64’001 (Lord)
  9. Level 128’001 (King)
  10. Level 256’001+ (Emperor)

You cannot rise beyond level 10. At level 10, you can call upon the Kobold Horde of 5d4x100 Kobold tribesmen for tasks that are too much for yourself. It will take 4 weeks for them to assemble.

to Hit AC0123456789
Level 1-319181716151413121110
Level 41817161514131211109
Level 5171615141312111098
Level 6-716151413121110987
Level 7-81514131211109876
Level 9141312111098765
Saving ThrowsDragon Breath, ExplosionsParalysis, PetrificationDeath, PoisonRays, WandsSpells, Miracles
Level 1–31615131417
Level 4–61413111215
Level 7–8101191013
Level 9897811


1 in 6 for normal tasks

5 in 6 to hide outdoors and to construct Viet Cong style deathtraps