Legit Necropolis

Kobold interlude

Few heroes means a larger share of course. That was the prerogative behind Alissa’s and Renal’s expedition. Dreamer and Mawada joined the two. Lucky Lorbam was also there as was the vengeful Hunter. Renal took command, having become more experienced through gambling. Alissa suggested to destroy the hated Kobolds once and for all! Renal agreed and the party set out towards Koganusân.

Taking the secret way, the party only encountered a lone guard. Hunter masterfully shot and killed the monster and the party advanced further into Kobold territory. They found 13 Kobold non-combatants and their guards attacked the party. The little beasts tried to raise the alarm, but the party’s onslaught left them no opportunity. 4 Kobold children were bound before the party was spotted and the full might of the kobold king descended upon them. Kobold Knights on giant weasels and archers in the back made their appearance. The archers were reluctant to fire lest they’d hit their litter. The knights were not so hesitant and charged. The party chose to fight while retreating, shields were splintered, Hunter distinguished himself in the fighting, scoring many one-shot kills. The weasels were merciless and the newbie Dreamer was torn apart by the monsters. The party managed to shut the secret door before the kobolds could pursue.

The party made it back to Passionhelm and headed for the slave market to sell the kobold children into slavery. For a measly 4 gold per runt they sold them. Alissa and Mawada stocked up on shields.

Expedition to the outer city

The second expedition was aiming to penetrate to the new area despite angry kobolds roaming the tunnels. No Kobolds were encountered and the party crossed the bridge into the outer city. Right at the entrance the party found Marat's Lair! The hydra was thankfully occupied by fresh corpses it was devouring and shooed away the party who wisely made their retreat.

The great food hall was found and the party investigated some barrels. Renal smelled the opportunity for profit and made the whole group roll five barrels to Goblintown. The Goblins were curious and said they could use a little respite through alcohol. Renal taste tested the contents of one barrel but it was no good and he ejected his breakfast out of his stomach.

The Goblins’ malice still clinging in their ears the party returned to the outer city and entered the great food hall again. In a side room, greedy Renal was distracted by shabby tapestries and didn’t see the Log trap coming right for him. He was pushed into the nearby well access but the lucky dog had leather armour on and after some floundering he was pulled out by Lorbam. Alissa nagged the cleric on and on about how his foolishness would lead to the party’s downfall.

In the great dining hall to the north the party encountered the ghostly bureaucrat Melbil Dalebooks eternally feasting among the ruined furniture toasting here and there to his friends where the party only looked upon deserted tables. He offered the party help with filling out the forms necessary to become residents of Koganusân but they declined. When asked for a competent jeweler he recommended his friend Urist Crestedring and gave directions to the shopping area. Renal discovered the existence of fungiwood furniture in the halls and the party embarked towards riches. Or so they thought.

The wide corridor that was the shopping district was flanked with strange banners that nobody had seen before or even heard of. A white skull with a red outline on plain black. The party shrugged and descended into the shopping district. Right at the south end of the “Street” the Crestedring family business, a jewelry store, beckoned. Lorbam opened the door and was overwhelmed by the twenty-five skeletons streaming out to murder the Heroes. Renal turned the abominations and they could not face him and fled but not before Lorbam had taken a fatal blow to the gut and was knocked out. If only the dwarf had worn a helmet! Alissa and Mawada destroyed the fleeing skeletons while Hunter covered the corridor. A pale hooded man came from the door on the opposite door in the corridor. “Destroy these interlopers, minions! For Deija!” he screamed and tried to charm Renal with his magic. The dwarf was not swayed by his foul magic and another fight ensued. The man poking his head around the corner to cast his spell was all Hunter needed to send him to the underworld. 3 Zombies descended upon the party. Mawada was bitten in the throat by the creatures and Alissa knew the elf wouldn’t make it out of here alive.

After many splintered shields and after many sustained blows, the zombies were dispatched. Down half their initial strenght, the party grabbed what they could, a spellbook and 2 pieces of jewelry, and booked it. Hunter catched a glimpse in the hooded man’s chamber and saw an occupied throne and other figures in the dark. This knowledge made him only run the faster. The doors of the other shops bursted open and more Undead pursued the party.

Back in the Main Hallway, Badger Men spotted the party and gave chase as well, but they soon buggered off when they noticed the undead horde they had in tow. Almost back at the Ramparts, the party encountered an elven party out on patrol. They were not agressive but nobody of the surviving people had knowledge of the elven tongue. The two troupes joined forces and fought the undead. Renal managed to turn the creatures away, but only one of the fleeing abominations could be dispatched before they got away.

Another member of the elf party knew the human language and the two sides were able to communicate. Renal, Alissa and Hunter were invited to meet with the Elven Ringleader. Renal was highly suspicious but Alissa mediated his concerns and they joined Awiri Beachweaver and his lieutenants for a fireside-chat.

Alissa and Hunter learned much from the elves, while Renal understandably distanced himself. He didn’t even attempt to convert anyone! They learned that the elves were hostile towards the goblins who they had defeated in battle earlier. On the main hallway there was also a group of grumpy Badger-men while in the south there lived Gnolls, hyena men. To the north of the elves there lives a group of Lizardmen who the elves befriended. Alissa recieved a message stone to show the Lizards that she was friendly.

After the chat, the party made haste back to Passionhelm. On the way, four Kobolds sprang from the bushes and surprise attacked the trio. They held sway and slew a kobold in return upon which his comrades fled the ambush site.

Back in town

Renal and Alissa appraised the two pieces of jewelry. Alissa’s was crude and made of nickel. Renal’s was black bronze and decorated with menacing spikes of tiger eye and an image of floodgates was sewn in the elephant leather on the outside.

Renal frantically tried to weaponize donkeys and made every effort he could think of. He tried strategy counseling in the castle, asked the court wizard for a spell, met with a siege engineer and didn’t even hesitate to consider employing illicit methods. During all that he spent a lot of coin on fees and to procure favours.

The court wizard Akkad Feathercandle scolded Renal for considering to use undead for good. No good would come of dark rituals and mindless servitude to a single necromancer the wizard was convinced. As Renal told Akkad his story, the wizard seemed to be electrified with the spark of insight how only wizards are. While Renal recanted the murder of his kin, Akkad was frantically scribbling notes. The cleric was perplexed by this and asked the wizard about it. The wizard clammed up and reminded Renal of his favour due. If Renal would bring him the eyes of an Ogre for an experiment, he would tell him about his theory.

Hunter realized that he had not yet had his revenge. All kobolds would have to die. Or at least he hoped that at that point it would all be over, but nothing can fill the void the death of his kin at the hands of the monstrous Kobolds had created. He had felled many kobolds and would continue to do so in the future, that’s why he had joined Renal in the first place.