Lekla the Human

A green dragon descended upon the party, looking for (edible) gems they might carry. It threatened the adventurers with its breath and announced to keep an eye on them.

At Chimera's End Thora offered Lekla, the ordinary human woman, to escort her to Passionhelm. On the way Klin remarked that she had a funny smell. Lekla claimed it to be because she was a foreigner, hailing from the Wild Coast. Her clothing was also strange which covered her head to toe, leaving only a small window for her eyes. Being a drifter, she was a long way from home. Klin suspected her to be the green dragon from earlier in disguise, so he was suspicious. In town, Thora offered to buy her a dress, but was caught peeking at Lekla when she attempted to change into the new clothes.

Nevertheless, the woman still insisted on wearing her covering clothing over the new dress.

In Koganusân, Giant Ants were accosting the bleeding room, seeking to consume the fleshy walls. The party put a stop to that and as thanks, the room described the way to the Great Evil deep in the mountain as follows:

First, head north, at the first opportunity, turn west and then south. Follow the corridor to the next crossing. Turn south and then east. Go east until you see a passage leading slightly up. When you're up, turn east again and take the third turn to the south. Follow that way until you reach a crossroads. Head east, towards the great heat. Traverse it on one of those narrow smooth things and enter the rough tunnel. Ignore the dark dweller in the north, nothing good can come of it. take the corridor leading north that has a slight downwards passage at the end. Ignore the ancient metal, it brought the dark dwellers in the first place. Deeper down there should be a big hall, bigger than me in fact, with round things that go from the bottom to the top. The alcoves lead nowhere and are already full. There is a vertical round thing which you should be able to traverse to the second part of this hall. Go up towards a door that leads to a room about my size. Ignore any passages and head north. At the next crossing, do not go east towards the heat, it is crawling with feet. Go north next, for the south is only heat. Traverse the divide up ahead and go through the closed door. Heading west from the following room, you will reach a big hall with another bigger divide. There is another of those smooth things in there which you can walk on. Go west until you reach a slight upwards passage. From then it is virtually meaningless which way you take, just head either north or south for the western rooms are dead ends. The last room is filled with a lot of constant movement. That's creepy and makes me uncomfortable, I will speak no more.