Lizardman Class

This class is a playtest and is subject to change

The Lizardpeople of the ageless universe claim to be the oldest and most noble race of all. Naturally, these claims are disputed by all other races at every turn, but the fact that they are disputed at all tells an observer that there is some truth to them.

Lizardmen fight against the degeneration into barbarism ever since their mighty empires fell in a Time before Time. Their special abilities reflect that.

The Class

You advance slower than your peers but still faster than Elves. You boast the protection of a natural carapace. You can attack with your claws. You are cold blooded. You can see in the dark and underwater. You can hold your breath longer.

Carapace: natural AC of 6 even against attacks that normally target AC 9 (e.g. flaming oil, certain ghosts). You retain a fast movement rate while wearing no armor.

Cold blooded: Your performance decreases the longer you stay away from outside warmth.

claws: normal to-hit, no special abilities (like shortsword), normal damage

to Hit AC0123456789
Level 020191817161514131211
Level 1-319181716151413121110
Level 4-51817161514131211109
Level 6-8171615141312111098
Level 916151413121110987 maybe make it like monster to-hit progression?

Saving Throws: As fighter of equivalent level


You start as a level 0 whelp with 1d8 + con hitpoints. When you reach level 1 you gain your second hit die. Maximum Level is 9 (10 hit dice)

Level 0: -1’000 (Whelp)

Level 1: 0 (Tribesman)

Level 2: 3’000 (Scout)

Level 3: 6’000 (Warrior)

Level 4: 12’000 (Sergeant) etc.

Special abilities (4,6,8):

There are 6 choices in 2 categories (humanoid/inhuman), but you can only ever attain 3 at the same time until you completely give into your inhuman instict (see below).

Humanoid abilities

Lore: bonus to lore concerning the lizard empire (many ruins are like that)

Minor Spellcasting: to do

Minor Miracles: to do

Inhuman abilities

Bloodlust: Drop your weapon and shield and fight with your claws for a number of rounds equal to your level. During these rounds you gain an extra attack (claw). If the duration has not worn out, you can save vs. spell to snap out of your bloodrage. If you are unable or unwilling to stop you will even attack your allies with intent to kill (keep attacking 0 HP characters if able)

Shed Skin: sacrifice armor (if it gives you better or equal armour class than your natural one e.g. Chain or leather+2) as you can sacrifice shields to block damage or attacks. Your regular natural armor improves to AC 5 while wearing no armor.

Solar power: to do

should you have attained 9th level and have not mastered at least 1 humanoid category abilities (even if you don’t know any), you will transform into the great lizard monster. You lose all special abilities and become a 13 HD monster unable to discern friend and foe, crazed for blood and flesh.

Should you be a master of all humanoid abilities at level 8, You will incurr great favour with Shalassa and keep gaining favour if you continue to do so.