Long Term Storage

Characters that nobody cares about go here

They just move on and leave for greener pastures if they’re not hired.

OliveFull8’50042Expert 410’001Lakebears-Wanted for crimes against Passionhelm (profiteering during wartime)Ames
[[Goto?]]half024Elf 14’001Lakebears--Ames
[[Yorcheskel?]]half00Elf 14’001Passionhelm--Kenneth
[[Merlin?]]half15040Magic User 12,501Passionhelm-Ken
Schlomoshare02Elf 14,001Passionhelm--
EnnaShare 09dwarf 12,187Passionhelm--
TolokobaygerShare01kobold 11,251Passionhelm--

Phil Marti Omar Karl Niko Lodgings

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