Magic-User Houserule

You can be a regular Magic-User or you can be an Evoker.

Magic-Users roll 1d6 for their first spell

  1. Charm Person
  2. Shield
  3. Sleep
  4. Light
  5. Magic Missile
  6. Mending


a magic-user subclass, specializes in all-out magical attacks that are difficult to resist. This comes at a price in versatility.

Evokers are usually from the Valley that must not be, the domain of the crimson magic-user.

hit die: d4 to-hit: MU saves: MU Armor: none Weapons: sticks, dagger, crossbow Spells: as M-U exception: must PREPARE (predetermine) 1 spell per spell level from the school of evocation (see below). If the evoker regains a spell slot of a spell level where they haven’t prepared any evocation-school spells, he must prepare one. If the Evoker does not have yet learned any evocation-school spells to prepare for any given spell level, he cannot prepare any spell for that spell level.

Evokers roll 1d4 for their first spell

  1. Magic Missile
  2. Shocking grasp (1d8+2, hit vs AC9)
  3. Burning Hands
  4. Defensive shock (1d6, 1d4, 1d6/2, 1d4/2)


spell level: special, always available casting time: end of your turn range: 100m / 300’ are of effect: 20m radius, 50m high pillar

requirement: all spell slots must be unused and available

advantages: -deals 1 point of damage for each spell level used, an additional damage is inflicted by a positive intelligence modifier (negative intelligence modifiers do not cause penalties) -energy resistances and immunities do not apply -Magic resistance does not work normally, Magic resistance works as a flat percentage of damage reduction suffered through evocation (round up damage suffered) -there is no saving throw allowed.

drawbacks: -paralyses the Evoker for 2 rounds after completion -causes -2 penalty to-hit, -2 saving throws for 1 turn (fatigue) -uses up all spell slots

damage dealt:

evoker level: total damage dealt by Evocation

  1. 1st: 1 + stun
  2. 2nd: 2 + stun
  3. 3rd: 4 + stun
  4. 4th: 6 + stun
  5. 5th: 9 + stun
  6. 6th: 12 + stun
  7. 7th: 17 + stun
  8. 8th: 23 + stun
  9. 9th: 31* + stun
  10. 10th: 40* + stun
  11. 11th: 47* + stun
  12. 12th: 60* + stun
  13. 13th: 70* + stun
  14. 14th: 87* + stun

Did you learn EVOCATION from someone or did it come to you? If you would have to rank your latest evocation from 1 to 100, what would you rank it as?

EVOCATION SPELL LIST (non exhaustive): 1st Magic-Missile, fire wreathe 2nd Burning hands, shocking grasp 3rd Lightning Bolt, Fireball 4th Wall of Fire