Malassa is the dragon of darkness. She was the first one of her kind. She was present at the creation of the world. Malassa is associated with secrets, shadows and poison.

Her lesser spawn is known as black dragons. Like the shadow from which they sprang, black dragons can take any form they desire.

Goblins are said to be descendants of Malassa. Malassa is at war with Asno and has been since a Time before Time. They battle for supremacy and rulership over the Goblin people. Right now, Asno has the upper hand and controls [[Elmsmotsong?]], the scarlet scourge, to the east.

Spellbook: Dark Arts

1st level

universal spell lay on hands: Deal 1d6+1 damage OR cause paralysis (save at +4) OR

2nd level

You transform the contents of a normal egg into a single dose of giant centipede poison (one dose debilitates for 10 days, two doses kill)

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