Meeting Funifuni - seeing Norgot off

Count Limun Pureheart sent the knights Flavius, Alissa and Norstrand on a mission of diplomacy. They are to enlist the help of the Kobolds of the northern mountain valleys to organise a preemptive strike on the necromancers of the Exclave. Renal also came along, since the elder of the cathedral, Nifih, had tasked him to drive out the Deyja influence to prove himself worthy to join the council of elders.

After some preparations and 5 days of rest, the expedition left with 2 carts and 20 men-at-arms commanded by Stusbo. Norgot the minotaur, Melbil the dwarf, Vasilios the strange, [[Yorcheskel?]] the exotic elf, the intellectual Thora and Mirding were enlisted as specialists, sages and men-at-arms. The first goal of the expedition was to strike a deal with the community of Lakebears, located where the Slugstream joins with the Ape-River.

Leaving Passionhelm

At first light, a magic-user who had been skulking in the tavern for days, approached the leaving group. Funifuni heard that this group was heading north and was begging them to take her with them. ‘To vanquish a Giant’ was given as her reason, good enough for the party. That she claimed to wield restorative magic and unconventional knowledge as well as being a ‘conaisseuse of the magic art!’ was an added bonus.

On the way, vicious Razor Cats attacked. They were driven off by forming a shieldwall. Then the caravan came across stumbling figures. When approached by [[Yorcheskel?]], they lashed out and attacked with vicious claws. Funifuni warned to try not to get hit by these Wights. But Norgot was drained and lay dying therafter, about to turn undead himself. Desperate to help Renal hallowed some ground and erected an improptu temple of Elrath, enemy of the undead. Alissa and Norstrand pooled the 5’000 gold pieces to be sacrificed for a Ritual of Healing. The ritual failed but the wealth phased into the realm of the gods anyway.

Moved by Norstrand’s refusal to give up, Funifuni suggested negotiating for a contract from below. She took the minotaur and the goblin to a secluded spot out of sight from the road, used a scroll of protection from evil and summoned The Underking, a powerful denizen of the Underworld. Said demon claimed to be able to cure Norgot, but wanted to reserve Norstrand’s and Norgot’s souls for himself. It was no deal.

Norstrand struck down Norgot to prevent the transformation, he was buried on the roadside with his warhammer beneath the impromptu Elrath statue in hallowed earth. They ventured on to Lakebears

Welcome to Lakebears

most tolerance anywhere

Outside the town walls, a well maintained palisade, they were greeted by the town watch who referred them to the mayor, Nifih Joyousblades. She was sceptical of an alliance at first because Deyja hadn’t shown any aggression yet, but what made her join the side of Passionhelm, was a bethrohal to Flavius, who could one day take over the domain of Passionhelm potentially by virtue of being a promising Fighter. Nifih, a fighter and former adventurer herself, suggested a ritualistic trading of shields as the ceremony.

Udar, priest of Mitra approached Flavius and recruited him to hunt down an Evildoer in the forest, Flavius being a Justicar and whatnot. Said Evildoer was Knightflag, the rookie-killer*. A Razor Cat using prey animals to attract hunters who hunt them and then preyed on the hunters. He even prepared a special charm to challenge the creature to ritual single combat.

Amro, priest of Elrath approached Renal and told him of his plans in confidence: To drive off the hated cult of Alnos and the dread priestess Thram, that had come to Lakebears to spread her lies.

Udar had similar plans for Nago and his cult of [[Norno?]], but both were hindered by the town’s tolerant attitude concerning religion. A great stone structure, the size of a Keep, had been erected a long time ago and welcomed all cults: The Pantheon

Meanwhile: Norstrand tried to shadow the “dread” priestess Thram of the Alnos cult, but was discovered and confronted in an alleyway. After the misunderstanding had been cleared up, Thram told our curious Goblin many things about Alnos, Deyja, her leader Prince Sandro and even made the offer to accept Norstrand as a cult member, who declined politely.

Then he proceeded to buy drinks for Funifuni in the local tavern, the Unsteady Shot Inn. The frail Evokeress was drunk midway through the second mug and sputtered all kinds of stories, mainly about the Underking.

The Underking

Lived in a Time before Time, he became the first king of humanity. He was the prophet of Ylath for a time and is presumed to have been either a strong fighting man or a devout stormpriest. But For Some Reason, that has been lost over the course of time (or purposely supressed), he fell from grace and was cast into the Underworld and subsequently became a demon. Said to be embittered against the gods and the power structure they stand for, he is often revered by Heretics and revolutionaries.

It is said he is one of the few demons willing to listen to the pleas of mortals. If ever summoned by any type of Cleric, he will viciously attack though. He is also simple to summon, though that knowledge is a supressed taboo.

Norstrand prayed for Norgot and he felt that the gods were listening, thats something new

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