2 even sized teams engage in mock-combat. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end. The contest is over when all participants of one team are either incapacitated or disqualified.


The combat is normal, except that wounds suffered are as follows:

2-3: 1d4 points substracted for unneccessary risk taking

4-8: disqualified for being overly reckless

9-11: no effect

12: 1d4 bonus points awarded for bravery

Participants can drop out/yield at any time (wounds that would disqualify you still disqualify you, except when you drop out before the roll is made).

Equipment restrictions

You can wear any armor you want. Weapons are restricted to one of these:

Point awards

-* Only the shields of your own team's color are counted. 1 shield per leftover participant maximum.