Mera is the secretive dragon of water. She was the first one of her kind. Legend has it the dragons were present at the creation of the world. Mera is associated with humility, the sea and knowledge.

Her lesser spawn is know as the blue dragons

Lizardmen are said to descend from Mera

Spellbook: Crashing of Waves


Spell LevelCaster LevelSpell NameTraditional Name
11FloodCreate Water (improves with level)
12Build BridgesComprehend Languages + Speak Languages
23Blessing of ForesightBless (+1 AC, +1 saves)
24Seal of knowingDetect Thoughts
47Acid Rain(see below)
510Polymorph: Blue Dragon-

Acid Rain Level: 4, Range: 120 yds, Components: V, S Castmg Time: 3 rds. Duration: 1 rd.ilevel Area of Effect: 20-ft. x 20-ft. cube Saving Throw: Special

This temhle conjuration makes a toxic shower that covers all within its area of effect. The droplets are a corrosive acid that eats through metal, cloth, and flesh. Creatures caught beneath the rain take 2d6 points of damage. It is easy enough to move out of the cute, but those who cannot continue tn take Id6 points of damage for each round spent in the rain. Anyone who fails to make a successful saving throw vs. spell must make item saving throws vs. acid for exposed equipment as well