Minotaur Class

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-Flavio 31.12.2016

The minotaur is a large horned humanoid. He has the body of a man and the head of a bull. They don’t die of old age and physically strong. They have a tough hide. They attack with weapons and their horns. Some of them are warriors of old, some of which have even lived in the [[time_before_time?]]. They follow a strict code and respect strength over all other things though some Minotaurs are considered monsters and have given in to brutality and savagery. All of them love to fight.

When playing as a minotaur, you will always be several levels behind your comrades, but you start out very strong and capable.

requirements: Strenght > 12, Constitution > 12



  1. level Warrior 0 EXP
  2. level Brave 16’000 EXP
  3. level Hero 32’000 EXP (note: this is the level most monster-minotaurs are on)
  4. level Champion 64’000 EXP
  5. level Warlord 128’000 EXP
  6. level Labyrinth Lord 275’000 EXP
to Hit AC0123456789
Level 116151413121110987
Level 21517161514131211109
Level 3141615141312111098
Level 413151413121110987
Level 5-612151413121110987
Saving ThrowsDragon Breath, ExplosionsParalysis, PetrificationDeath, PoisonRays, WandsSpells, Miracles
Level 1–21310121114
Level 3–49810912
Level 5-6768710

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