Mitra tames the Roc

The Party was in the Ylath Monastery, trying to gather more information about a nearby temple rumour. Apparently, that rumour is the location of the High Temple of Ylath that was overrun by Ylath’s enemies 80 years ago. very old priests who still live from that time had forgotten most of the details about the temple, but they gave [[Max?]] their last artifact, the Windswords that make you fall like a feather, and accepted him in the covenant of Ylath. Even though he’s a dwarf and no human. It just shows how desperate the clergy was at that time.

They also revealed previously unknown mountain trails, but warned of the monsters that roam the Smooth Points of Pride.

A Roc attacked the party out of the blue. The beast had already snatched Parsnip when Flavius called upon Mitra, who made the Roc relent in his onslaught. The Roc owes them a service. The Roc smack talked for a bit with the “groundlings” before he left.

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