Domestic Animals


Horse; 2HD, AC9, MV18, F2, ML4, 1d6, 1d6 dmg, XP20

A Regular horse that can be found anywhere where there are civilized Humans, Dwarves or Elves.

Warhorse 2+2HD, AC9, MV18, F3, ML as rider, 1d6, 1d6 dmg XP29

War trained mounts won’t panic in combat but will not attack themselves, they roll twice for Hit Points and takes the better result. They can be equiped with armored bardings of which there are two types. Light Barding provides the horse with an AC of 7, but slows it down to MV15. Heavy Barding provides AC5 and slows the mount to MV12.

Riding Horse 2HD, AC9, MV21, F2, ML4, XP20

Riding trained mounts are optimized for speed.


Small livestock

Including but not limited to goats, sheep and pigs

Civilized People


Average sized humanoids prone to ambition. Favored by Ylath

Normal Man 3HP, AC9, MV12, ML6, F0, 1 dmg, XP5, Eq: none or improvised

These people make up the bulk of the inhabitants of human towns and villages. They are cautious and egoistic.

Man-at-Arms 1HD, AC4, MV6, ML8, F1, 1d6 dmg, XP10, Eq: heavy armor, shield, helmet, 1-hander (60% Sword, 40% Spear), dagger

Your average guardsmen and frontline soldiers. They are able to shieldblock. 10 or more are usually led by a Sergeant with 8 Hit points per hit die.

Chaplain 2HD, AC6, MV9, C2, XP26, Magic: C2 (30% Elrath, 70% Ylath)

Knight 3+3HD, AC2, MV6/MV12(Warhorse), ML9, F4, Eq: Supreme Armor, helmet, shield, sword, lance, dagger

Knights are the elite in human society as well as on the battlefield. Fanatically loyal to their liege lords, they have a morale of 10 while in their presence. When charging with lances, knights deal triple damage, but the lances break on even numbered damage. 10 or more knights are led by a Baron of at least 5th level with full masterwork equipment. 30 or more are led by a Count of at least the 7th level. A Count also brings his levies (around 200 normal men and Men-at-Arms) to the fight if he needs to or when so instructed.

Wind Rider

Wind Riders are holy warriors of Ylath and strike twice in combat.


All giants are at least double the size of humans and usually worship the Jotun giants Freya, [[Uöden?]] and [[Hel?]]

Hill Giant

8HD, AC4, MV12, ML8, F8, 2d6 dmg (club/spear),

Due to a strenth of 19, the Hill Giant deals 2d6 with one-handers (default) and 3d6 with two-handers.

Hill Giants are the poorest of giantkind. Their poverty is perpetuated by excrutiating tribute payments demanded by the other giants and only nobles can afford to live comfortably. Giants love to raid and to hurt smaller creatures.

Night Creatures


Ice devil

11HD, AC-2, MV6, ML12, F11, 3-4 attacks, 1d6 + cold (mandibles) 1d6 + cold (tail), 2d6 + cold (spear) or 2× 1d6 + cold (claws), Magic: special

The frigid outer regions of the underworld is populated by these devils.

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