This list is by no means complete. If you happen to know any interesting NPCs, feel free to add them!

Leaders/potent beasts/knowledgeable sages

The Necromancer, Inan Tombspirit, presumed to be the master of the Undead in the Outer City

Utes Doomedgorges the master of Goblintown.

Marat the Hydra, the beast terrorizes the shores of the cave river, devouring everything in it’s way. It looks a little small for a Hydra, which normally wouldn’t fit into the tunnels. It is about 35 times bigger (volume) than an adult human.

Atir Torchburial, leader of the Birds of Freedom, a local bandit gang.

Slim, the bandit Warlord. He was defeated by Passionhelm’s forces years ago and hasn’t made an appearance since in the no man’s land.

Apu Ticksveils occupies a shady corner in the Storyhome inn.

Count Limun Pureheart, lord of Passionhelm. A veteran of many wars and was once the protector of the realm.

Sir Ozo Famoushugs, the second in command to Passionhelm’s Lord. He has a small keep near the mountains.

Akkad Feathercandle, court mage in the service of Count Pureheart. Gus Rais and Eloise are apprentices under him.

Thrura, the back-alley Magic-User

Bembul the Shadowforge-dwarven scout and Tavernkeeper. Visit him sometime in the Minerburner Tavern.


Mayor Asa Soaplunge

Sheriff Someg

Ylath Priest Chespi

Cleric of Shalassa Rere Shorebrother


The Kobold King He rules over all kobolds of Koganusân. He employs kobold knights mounted on weasels according to Shlalgis. He is a sworn enemy of the PCs. Died on the 4th of February.

The Necromancer. Slain.


Korney, Jaromir’s Squire. He was sent on his way by his now deceased master.

A forcibly castrated Bandit named Stram. He is the killer of Liyìÿi. He was captured on the 29th of december and was executed on the 4th of February.

Warosp, priest of Freya and Renal’s teacher.

Anog a goblin scout living in Goblintown

Snodub a goblin from Goblintown. The party rescued her from kobold captivity. Renal wants her to become a nun of Freya. She was sent to warn the party about a kobold ambush once.

Ral a dwarven guard in Passionhelm. He seems to know Oscar quite well.

a nameless deserter who the party turned down on their first recruitment drive. He probably has left town already

Dog Boy, Paytah’s foster son who loved the dog so much. He died under mysterious circumstances in a crawlspace located in the ramparts. Nothing remains of him

John, Rolf’s torch bearer.

the cousins, Oscar’s cousins and porters.

The Dreamer, a man-at-arms in service of Renal. He met an untimely end at the hands of a giant weasel.

Far away rulers

San Tendermeetings, the law-giver of Nathobgil, the wilted union, a realm to the south, ruling from Taperbottled.

Radir Buddedchannels of the Lion clan, high king of Boldulnilun, the cyclopean council, the confederacy of animal men to the north. The tribal moot’s location is known as Flukeordered.

The regency council, an assortment of the most powerful nobles of Mistrumomon Ibid, the treasure-realm, a kingdom to the west, headed by Queen Kulur Cherishrooted.

Snodub Livingmenace, Head-Vilainess of Esmotsong, the scarlet scourge, a goblin realm far to the east beyond the Smooth Points of Pride, second only to Asno himself. Ruling from Osmodbàx/Questednightmares, the dark fortress.

Nisa Hailsung, Queen of Lirathiti, the greatest leap, an elven confederacy, ruling from Lizardrouted