The great Nation, dubbed “The Wilted Union” located on the southwestern side of the Smooth Points of Pride.

The capital city of Taperbottled lies on the great trading route, where, until recently, great wealth flowed downriver from Colis Tarn over the cities of Toldsweet and Blazeflings. Many villages and towns dot the countryside. The cities are prosperous but the realm is not without problems. Monsters trouble travellers on all except the major routes and many complaints from the common people meet only deaf ears in the capital.

Now that Colis Tarn has been overrun by Ghouls, the Nation looks to San Tendermeetings, the law-giver. As she exacts the authority to call in the Knights of the nation, several groups within the kingdom urge her to dispatch the Knights to Colis Tarn.

San Tendermeetings is also at odds with the law-givers of Mong Ol and the Republic of Thespde Muk, because they declared themselves autonomous. (as evidenced by their leaders now calling themselves law-givers as well)