Night Creatures

Including but not limited to:

Boogeymen, humanoid, dwarf sized, hides in the dark (4 in 6 to surprise) cackles incessantly while engaging, doesn’t bleed but oozes smoke when wounded, 2HD AC7 MV12 ML9,

Twilight creatures. Large one-eyed humanoids. It has four long, straight horns and it mutters to itself as it moves aimlessly. It’s gray skin is wrinkled. Ancestor: Gorbe Ashenghosts the Hearth-Slayer

Dusk Ogres, 10’ tall humanoids. It has a long hanging tail and strides with purpose. It’s charcoal skin is rough and cracked.

Wicked trolls, Large three-eyed humanoids. it has a short trunk and it moves with uneven jerking motions. its black skin is waxy.

Backward freaks, large feathered humanoids. It has two short tails and its joints are backwards. its late gray feathers are fluffed-out.

Vile Women, a large scaly humanoid. it has thin wings of stretched skin and it has a bloated body. Its eyes glow scarlet. Its charcoal scales are large and set far apart.

Bleak horrors, A large humanoid with lidless eyes. it has thin wings of stretched skin and it stamps the ground and snorts. Its slate gray skin is waxy.

Consult your local Elrath temple for advice in dealing with these creatures.