Pyramid Scheme

Character Share XP Gold Level XP next Home Health Player
AmelieFull2’203329Dwarf 24,401--Afrojumma
Nabihaumamahalf654858Thief 11,251--Afrojumma
IrinaFull904268Elf 14’001-scarredSylvester
GabrielaFull9820Fighter 12’051--Ken
Lenniehalf9810Fighter 12’051--Ken
RaphaelFull10310Fighter 12’051--Orhan(Crusader 0)
Andelinehalf9810Fighter 12’051-One leggedOrhan(Crusader 0)

Recruitment Pool

AthenaDwarf 1fine-
SarahMagic-User 1fine-
GaryMagic-User 1fine-
LucioFighter 1fine-
NeaFighter 1fine-
DonatellaCleric of Elrath 1fine-
SahiraThief 1fine-
OliverShare22442Fighter 12’001---

Injured / Other

SkanderbegFull1749192Fighter2’001-Ribs 14wKen
HodmanFull277611Magic-User 12,501The Pyramidsword arm (12)Ken
Xavierhalf241332Expert 11,251The Pyramidleft ear XKen
[[Lebosh?]]half39450Dwarf 12,501The Pyramid-Robohobo
Parishalf00Summoner 12,201The Pyramidbroken arm (14)Orhan
Metahalf00Dwarf 12,201-DEAD?
LaniHalf39225Cleric 110’001-missing in actionAfrojumma
[[Lucian?]]half00Fighter 12,051-Being dead is cold and clammyOrhan
TarikFull116450Dwarf 12,201-missing in action-
UrsinHalf39450Cleric1,501-both legs (14)(11) also DEADOrhan
CylgiaFull426908Magic-User2’500-right eye XSylvester
RominaFull1172434Magic-User 12,501Killed by Wolves-Ken
GyaneFull8010Dwarf 12’221-Nose gone DEAD by frogOrhan(Crusader 0)

Unnamed guy: Decapitated by Mitrath warriors

Not Yet computed: The treasure of the brotherhood (maybe just re-distribute that since half of the original finders are deceased/crippled)

Unclaimed inventory: Holy Symbol (Asno), rusty knife, Bug legs, 6 glowing glands, 3 bronze amulets, wolfsbane

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