Requisition 1

Opening| ——-’

“I requistion from you, your grace, for this diplomatic journey of which is sure to be a long and hard venture full of hardship, an accompaniment of fine men and the necessary accoutrements for half the safe distance’s travel of this venture.”

——————, Now for our escort| ——————’

“20 veterened men-at-arms dressed in our fine settlement’s colors should serve as fine arbiters of our cause. If it be kind, arm them with shortswords, UNPAINTED METAL shields, and at least 2 javelins. A fine equipment load for adaptable and diverse combat situations. These men are to be trained to polish their shields to a mirror finish every day. I wish of you the accompaniment of a single knight-commander to serve as their sergent. may he be a man of lifting charisma to the men, and fly our banner with zeal.”

———————, Supplies for the trip| ———————’ [Now, this will probably be the most expensive and taxing portion of the trip and this is only a rough estimate of what I think we need to make the journey. We should likely depend on foraging and infrequent stops to sustain our food-stores. If you disagree and want to bring more food, keep in mind that it means more food, more spoilage, more carts, and more attention brought on to our caravan.]

“There is the matter of food equipment, and storage, my lord. I find it sufficient that we receive at least 2 horse-drawn wagons equpped with enclosure from the elements. within these wagons should be stowed salted meats, fishes, and tack, all within tightly sealed chests and barrels. I feel that enough nourishment for 35 men for half the safe distance of the trip is sufficient. We should be able to make it by with possible infrequent stops by settlements and foraging for the remainder of our food, my lord. A third wagon may be necessary for the stowage of equipment for our men, depending on the sizes you can provide us.”

—————, The “deterrent”| —————’ [I personally think after our run-ins with larger creatures, it’s time we started packing a universally useful piece of artillery that can be used when encountering fuck-that’s-big sized creatures. We can’t easily aim normal ballistae and onagers. We can’t reliably set up heavy artillery such as trebuchets quickly enough, and there is the issue of supply and what our lord can provide us. A scorpio, or carroballista fits this bill quite nicely in my opinion]

“There is a final nagging matter of importance, my lord. It is one I say without hesitation, for my companions and I have encountered this phenomenon more than once. The creatures of this land can be extraordinarily powerful, and at times, too large for simple man-sized weapons to penetrate the hide of these beasts. I think it vital that we be supplied with at least one artillery piece capable of keeping pace with the caravan, and being mounted upon a cart, on a swivel. Perhaps your keep is in supply of a device capable of firing large bolts, the size of javelins? Something capable of being fired quickly by a triage of men, and capable of firing slowly with only one man? I pray to the gods we need not use such a device, but in these lands, one can not be too prepared for the worst my liege.”

“I know this may seem a daunting list of necessities to you for such a jounrey my lord. My companions and myself are capable of assisting you with acquissition of funds for supplies you do not have in store, I am sure.”