Riding the pain-train all the way to Goblin-town

Eager to explore, Paytah’s harem and Oscar made plans for another expedition to Koganusân. They presumed that Rolf’s posse would want to spend more time to rest and recuperate in town. They were joined by the mysterious magic-user Palath. Having enough people in their group (and enough empty purses to fill) the group embarked to the Dungeon, forgoing any attempt to recruit adventurers.

The main Hallway was mapped out further. At the end, the party could even hear water flowing. Was that the cave river they heard about that divides the Ramparts from the rest of the fortress? They did so by swinging north into the abandoned living quarters. They faced off against 3 giant ferrets, Kem the dog was bitten to death and Dog Boy was almost wounded. Sweeping further through the rooms the party found:

  1. A book in dwarven (something about weasels)
  2. A chest with 1000 Koganusân gold coins
  3. A lone traitor to the kobold king, Shlalgis, the kobold

Trying to immobilize the traitor, Paytah delivered 4 blows aimed at the traitor’s legs but aimed poorly, knocking the pathetic creature around in the tiny room but as if through fate it could neither be killed nor maimed. Only missing teeth speak of the punishment the little guy took. Eventually the former shepherd stayed his hand and befriended the kobold who agreed to serve the party. Due to the lack of rope the prisoner was locked in a treasure chest. Shlalgis spilled the beans about the kobold king. That the king trained his own and his knights’ war steeds poorly and that they might rebel without their riders. He also said that the kobolds assumed that the squatters have a lot of treasure.

The other rooms were all of little interest, broken beds, smashed tables, ruined seats. A crawlspace in one of the rooms took Paytah’s interest. Unwilling to go himself, he sent Dog Boy into the mechanically whirring darkness. “Keep on going” were his orders when he encountered the moving walls. The mechanics supercharged and flung Dog Boy into the unknown. He didn’t respond to any hails and was presumed dead. Paytah’s reaction to this was stoic at best. Maybe he had grown tired of the little brat after almost 4 days.

Now the party made their way to the northernmost room, the jail. Inside they were ambushed by 3 Boogeymen. Paytah’s left eye was slashed out by their claws in the surprise attack and the creatures cackled madly and trumpeted out through their trunks. Oscar ended the fight with his sleep spell. Instead of blood, heavy smoke gushed forth from their shlashed throats. Weird and dangerous. Outside the jail the party discovered a lever that opened arrow slits into the room.

Soon the party took to the main hallway again, crossed it, and headed south through a long corridor. When from the door on the end a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness commanded Paytah to identify himself, the old shepherd snapped. He pointlessly argued with the voice causing it to retreat into the shadows. Paytah didn’t have any of it. He smashed through the door and the goblin guard posts defended themselves. One of them immediately took off into the back area screaming bloody murder. The three remaining halberdiers were no match for the party and were slain. Even Palath got one with his stick. Nice shot!

Then all hell broke loose. The party barely had enough time to scan the battlefield and loot the corpses when 24 combat ready Goblins all struggled to enter the guard room. Paytah got one in the head and slumped to the ground, unconcious, in the first onslaught. Palath single handedly repelled the brunt of the assault parrying attacks left and right, dodging at the last moment, barely managing not to be overpowered. Is he really one of the dragon-monks who fight with nothing but their feet and combat sticks? A stray crossbow-bolt hit Paytah in the head again! But the old mule still had a thick skull and he survived. Oscar was the first one to flee the battle while one of his cousins suffered a nasty compund fracture on his shield arm and had to give the loot to the other cousin. Paytah was abandoned by his Harem and Palath who had enough of this already. The goblins didn’t give chase, but their marksmen downed the packmule.

While on a mad dash to make it out of the dungeon, Oscar, first to flee, literally ran into a ghost of Koganusân. The ghost, apparently the former royal guard captain, knew exactly what he was doing and effortlessly caught the fugitive. “Put him in irons, boys” he ordered and the ghosts bear hug touched Oscars soul so deep that he became cursed. All that because of resisting arrest and “violating production order, commie scum”. Was he being detained?!?

Curse of the guard captain:

you feel like you have a ball and chain around your ankle. Your movement is slowed as if you were wearing plate armor, but without the protective benefits.