From the Storyhome Inn (Passionhelm):

Many years ago, a lone miner named Soden set out into the mountains to the north. Everyone called him a fool, but it seems that he has attracted settlers to his claim and they have carved out a meager existance for themselves.

below the sewers there is a dungeon where criminals and marauders hide from justice. Some say it goes even deeper below that.

The bandits are becoming more troubling by the day. The lord’s forces have already suffered losses

The best girls are from Girlclocks.

The Bandit camps lie in the jungle just south of Passionhelm.

Not all elves are bad. I’ve been to this place, [[Skyquest?]], far to the southwest. The wild elves there were friendly enough. (elven traders rumor on the map)

There are several holy sites in the area. Arkath and Ylath are strong here. I can feel it in my bones.

Explorers' Guild: They have sent for reinforcements from Kinmelbil, that are expected any week now.

From the Lazy Goblin Tavern (Girlclocks):

I heard the Ylath Monastery was once part of a greater Temple network but it isn’t anymore. What’s up with that?

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