Everyone can use scrolls.

Only a Magic-User or Elf under the effect of a Read Magic spell can use them safely (without chance of failure).

Everyone else has a failure chance of: 10% x Spell Level.

Example: A fighter attempting to use a scroll of Invisibility (spell level 2) would have a chance of failure of 20%.

A failure to properly use a scroll will always result in the scroll being destroyed. A failure also sets off the spell in an uncontrolled fashion. The user must save versus spell to remedy the situation. A spell so set off will never have the intended/proper effect in the spell description (GM’s discretion)

Example: Rhombus, a fighter of the sixth level, attempts to use a scroll of Fireball (3rd level). His d% roll is 26. To properly use the scroll he needed a 31 or above. He therefore fails to properly use the scroll.

GM: “The scroll begins to burn in your hands. You must save versus spell.”

Rhombus: -rolls a 17- “Success!”

GM: “You manage to hurl the scroll of Fireball towards some trees. You throw it far enough to not get caught in the resulting blast, but the trees are set ablaze.”