Spell Circles:


Keep in mind that most Priests have a fixed spell list (your Icon’s name will show up in the Sphere tab). Magic-Users can learn any spell they find a teacher for. Priests do not need a teacher, but must meditate at a sufficiently large temple to gain access to a new spell circle.

Without a Teacher: You need to spend 1 week per spell circle studying (no adventuring), and must pay a fee (see below) that increases with the power of the spell.

Fees: *1st* - 100gp, *2nd* - 400gp, *3rd* - 1’000gp, *4th* - 2’000gp, *5th* - 4’000gp, *6th* - 10’000, *7th* - 50’000

8th and 9th can only be obtained through special means

Ye Grandee List of spells

Spell Circle123456789
-Touch of heatMartial TranceBurning BloodMolten ScourgeFlame StrikeSkull TrapProtection from MagicAlter RealityWish
-Blade FistsFire FloodFire WardConflagrationBurning AdrenalineDelayed Blast FireballMantleWail of the Bavan CeAbsolute Immunity
-FirecallRiddle of SteelFireballSteelskinPreservationGlobe of Invulnerability-Horrid WiltingInstant Channeling
-SanctuaryHymn of LightRebuke the nightNeutralize PoisonRomance of the Dragon BreathsDeath Spell-Power WordMaximize Channeling
-Touch of LightDestroy Undeadcure diseaseDeath WardLower ResistanceHoly Word---
-LightRebuke the NightContinual LightSunraySpark of Life----
-Detect EvilHold PersonInflict QualmsTonguesHeal----
-Mace of StunningPeacebondProtection from Evil 10’ radiusWeapon of Old-----
-Shield-Invisibility Purgeremove CurseBlue Fire Shield----
-True StrikeFogWind WallRed Fire Shield----
-Touch of AirJumpDispel MagicWind of Glory-----
-Infernal Healing-Lightning BoltResilient Sphere-----
-Orb of ChaosImmolationDire Charm Person------
-Protection from EvilInvisibilityInvisibility 5mGreat Invisibility-----
-Detect MagicGhoul TouchHastePolymorph-----
-Read MagicKnockFire BoltSecret Word-----
-Comprehend LanguagesResist Fear-Stoneskin-----
-Protection from PetrificationStrength-Bestow Misfortune-----

Spell descriptions

Example spell

Sphere: Where this spell comes from. If a cleric’s god’s name stands here, that cleric can potentially use it given that he is sufficiently powerful.

Circle: the spell’s circle. You can always substitute a higher level spell slot for a lower circle spell.

Range: Touch: you need to be in melee with the target, The Caster: you can only target yourself, otherwise this is just a distance between the caster and the target.

Duration: The time before the spell ends. If no value is given, the spell is permanent until dispelled. for reference, 1 round = 1 minute, 1 turn = 10 minutes.

Casting Time: This is important. Before initiative is rolled, you have to declare the use of a spell. The spell comes into effect at the described time. Instant: The spell goes at any time the caster chooses, first come, first serve. Your Turn: the spell goes when you could do an action. End of Turn: The spell goes when all parties have acted. A specific time can also be given. In such a case, the spell behaves like an “End of Turn” one in regards to casting time.

Area of effect: What does this spell affect. Who the target is.

Saving Throw: This indicates wether there is a chance to save against the saving throw (Yes/No) and if so, what a successful saving throw’s effect is. Negates: a successful saving throw means the spell has no effect. Halves: the effects still apply, but any damage and/or duration is halved.

Then a description follows

1st circle

Touch of Heat

2nd circle

Ghoul touch

Sphere: Necromancy, Undead

Circle: 2

Range: Touch

Duration: 5 rounds

Casting Time: Instant

Area of Effect: The caster

Saving Throw: Negates

Description: When the caster completes this spell, a red glow encompasses his hand. When the wizard makes a successful melee attack against a creature, that creature is paralyzed as if touched by a ghoul. The touched creature must make a saving throw vs. spell or be paralyzed for 5 rounds.


Sphere: Alteration

Level: 2

Range: Visual range of caster

Duration: Instant

Casting Time: Instant

Area of Effect: 1 Object

Saving Throw: None

The knock spell opens locked, held or wizard-locked doors. It opens secret doors, as well as locked boxes or chests. It does not raise barred gates or similar impediments. The size of the door is irrelevant.

3rd Circle

Fire Bolt

Level: 3

Range: 200m within Visual range

Duration: 1 round

Casting Time: 3

Area of Effect: Special

Saving Throw: None

This spell enables the caster to hurl fiery bolts at opponents within range. Each bolt inflicts 1d6 points of piercing damage, plus 4d8 points of fire damage. Only half of the fire damage is inflicted if the creature struck saves vs. spell. The caster receives one bolt for every five experience levels beyond 5th (two bolts at 10th level, three at 15th level, etc.). All of the bolts will streak towards the target of the spell.


Sphere: (Conjuration/Summoning)

Level: 3

Range: 0

Duration: 5 turns

Casting Time: Instant

Area of Effect: The caster

Saving Throw: None

By means of this spell, the wizard creates a magical field of force that serves as if it were field plate armor (AC 2). It is cumulative with Dexterity and, in the case of fighter/mages, with the shield bonus. The armor spell does not hinder movement, adds no weight or encumbrance, nor does it prevent spellcasting. It lasts until successfully dispelled or until the duration runs out.

4th Circle

Weapon of Old

conjures a weapon with a +3 to hit and +3 to damage bonus. Anyone is able to effectively wield this weapon.