Spirit Tongue

The party met Daughter of Leaves, a talking tree, in the abandoned temple to Vekkuro. She told them of Spirit Tongue, a spirit naga, who had invaded her domain, a illusionary underground forest. The party wasn’t too eager to square off against a spirit naga, especially because said naga claimed Daughter of Leaves to be the invader!

Long story short, the party eventually offended the naga enough for her to attack. She had charmed Spera and Alissa and wanted them to stay with her. The rest of the party promptly wrestled the two to the ground and fled with them before the fireballs and Hellhound minions the naga was sporting. In the resulting explosion, Spera lost her leg.

Daughter of Leaves promised to attack Spirit Tongue, but the party couldn’t help as a Spectre chased them out of the temple. Marcus Flavius Ligmar promised to return.

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