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Temple of Elemental Chaos

NameShareXPGoldClassXP nextHomeHealthPlayer
AniseFull4944136Fighter 12,051[[Bangor?]]-Afrojumma
Kirahalf5362070Dwarf Fighter 12,035[[Bangor?]]-Afrojumma
SoelFull5083896Cleric 1 of Freya3’001[[Bangor?]]-Ken
Wanderhalf4111952Magic-User 12,501[[Bangor?]]-Ken
ArielFull384315Elf Battlemage 14’001Bangor-Dimitris
Nora Stripeshalf28291Fighter 12’001Bangor-Dimitris
NevanFull140Dwarf 12’187Bangor-Orhan

Recruitable (Hamlet of Bangor)

There are two categories: RPCs (Recruitable Player Character), who agree to be your retainer, and NPCs (Non Player Character), who will be your mercenary, but recruited NPCs only check morale if they don’t want to do a thing (they might still refuse a particularly ridiculous command). NPCs are under referee control. NPCs may agree to become RPCs under special circumstances, for instance when they have adventured with Player Characters for a long time.


F the mysterious fighter.


Terms of employment will vary all NPCs are located in the Inn of the Welcome Wench unless otherwise noted.

Anders, a groom at the trading post and militiaman, Normal Man, HP 4, Leather & Shield, Sword/Spear

Boddicker, a Man-at-arms at the trading post and militiaman, F1, HP 6, Leather, Sword, Longbow

Garren, a Man-at-arms, the militia captain’s son, F?, HP ?, Chainmail, Battle Axe/Dagger+2

Zert, a Caravan Guard, F2, HP ?, Plate & Shield, Sword/Dagger, S16 D15 Co11 I13 W9 Ch10

Spurdo, a traveling sage’s apprentice, Class Unknown, HP ?, Unarmored, Dagger, S11 D15 C14 I15 W11 C7

Korun, a treasure finder and gambler, T4, HP18, Leather, Dagger+1, S9 D18 C10 I14 W10 C13

Brokk, a hulking fighting man, F2, HP20, Plate & Shield, Morningstar/Shortsword (Lance/Flail/Battle Axe), S18 D17 C18 I6 W5 C8

Turok, a hardened fighter of some capacity, Class Unknown, HP ?, Unarmored, Staff/2xDagger, S15, D15, C11 I9 W15 C5


IrinaFull1454227Elf Battlemage 14’001[[Bangor?]]scarred, eye goneSylvester
Rodney-Jackhalf29697Magic-User 12,501[[Bangor?]]-Sylvester


EmilieFull450430Thief 11’251[[Bangor?]]-Orhan

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