The Badgers struck back

The Humans Renal, [[, Alissa, Obler, Marvy Krapps, the Kobolds Dlurbis, Jernok, Klin and Dastry Sass the Lizardman went out to recover the Lost Treasure, that was left behind last week in the [[Catacombs?]].

Hoping not to encounter Jaromir, the wraith, again, they set out. A few of them even brought holy water. In the strange dungeon one level above the catacombs, scaly, fish-eyed amphibian men were encountered. The savages eyed the arrivals for a moment and then quickly dissapeared into the shadows before the party could do anything. In the raided [[Asno] temple, they took the trapdoor down to the morbid part of the dungeon. All went well, but as they lifted up the last of the gold laden bags, a strange noise reached their ears. They took no chances and evacuated the premises and returned to the surface.

You know who really needs their asses whooped? Those pesky badgermen in Koganusân. There is no way we can lose! Renal fetched the plan. Nobody objected and plenty of oil was brought along. Ten sheep were also drafted from the local countryside. Of course they were paid for.

The bawwing sheep made slow progress through the dark tunnels and at the river they attracted it’s hungry denizen. Marvy spotted it first: Marat, the Hydra, had set its eyes on the easy prey. It chomped away at the sheep until no fewer than eight were killed. After this onslaught, the hydra retreated unchallenged by the adventurers into the darkness.

The plan was to attack the Badgers head on and to disrupt them with flaming oil and flaming sheep. The badgers rallied to meet the intruders and a battle ensued. Each Badger had 2 spears each and then fought on with a dagger. More and more Badgers showed up, including their leader, a huge flail-swinging chieftain. Renal let loose the flaming sheep but the badgers held them back with a wall of spears and the scheme didn’t cause any damage. Dlurbis and the other Kobolds threw oil in a pattern, to erect a wall of fire between the party and the badgers. It was made so and in the midst of battle the fighters, chiefly Alissa complained that now they couldn’t use their superior melee weapons. That kind of backfired.


No fewer than 32 Badgers were killed in the process. The last of them were enraged by the death of their leader and charged at the party through the fire. About half of them made it through alive and were quickly slaughtered by the party’s fighters. Deeper in the Badger den, they could hear the Troll taunting them to come and get him. His ambush was spotted and he was cornered. The adventurers covered the beast in oil while Alissa held it at bay. They could see its eyes light up in terror as the flames consumed it. A few badgers tried to retreat with the treasure in tow. All were spotted and killed save one, who retreated to the south.

On the return trip, they offered the elves the conquered lands. The elves were happy to accept the “tribute”. Dlurbis befriended their leader while Dastry Sass landed a date with the elf Pauline

The Black market

The Rules of the black market were simple: pay 5000 gold to choose from a selection of guaranteedly magical items. Some of them might be cursed, but the limited warranty of the black market doesn’t cover damages caused by faulty merchandise. if you steal anything, you will be dealt with.

In the sewers, Dastry Sass redeemed his coupon he recieved from his master Magdu dead and chose the magical sword. Marvy Krapps couldn’t quite afford a ‘real’ item and instead settled for a ring of Arkath for 700. Back in town the Wizard Akkad Feathercandle told him that he had been ripped off and the ring, although fancy, wasn’t magical.

Sword of Draining

+1 to hit, +1 to damage, On a natural 20 (die shows a 20, modifiers not withstanding), the sword drains a level through Energy Drain. On the first twenty it will be 1 level so drained. On the second twenty it will be 2 levels so drained and so forth. Nobody knows how many charges it holds, but there is a ‘9’ etched on the hilt.

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