The Echoviolence Incident

Severely beaten by Spirit Tongue, the Naga from the Temple of Vekkuro, the party came back to [[Echoviolence?]], a town famous for it’s racial tensions as well as Masterwork weapons. On the market square a warband of Riders flying the White Skull on Black were present. The party approached them and struck up a conversation. When Renal introduced himself, their captain ordered to seize the priest! The party was having none of it, but was hard pressed against the riders’ Death Ripple charge. Norstrand hid in a house together with a frightened human woman.

The Mayor Emorio, a lizardman, broke up the fight and banished all participants (save Norstrand) from the town. Hunter remained the riders’ prisoner

The party then hurried back to Passionhelm but they were persued by riders flying the White Skull on Black! But there were not enough mounts to escape for everyone! Norstrand jumped on a horse made a run for the town whith the intention of alarming the Cavalry while the others, under the direction of Marcus Flavius Ligmar, tried to lose them in the forest. Their cart in which they all huddled had an accident, was thrown off road and the party got lost.

Meanwhile, Knight Commander Ozo Famoushugs, alarmed by Norstrand, rallied a force to drive off these unknown raiders. Norstrand, a knight himself, refused to participate at first, and only after being threatened with dishonorable dismissal did he participate in the charge, though he still held back and played it safe, still sullying himself with dishonor. Much to the dismay of his knight comrades.

The charge broke the enemy formation and they retreated back to whence they came. The party then regained their bearings and made it back to Passionhelm.

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