The Keeper of the Swamp

Freelancer thought us bandits, we fended them off and they retreated after suffering losses. They were laden with treasure, but it was exclusively copper.

A mound was half excavated and Giant toads were fended off, but the operation was abandoned before it could be finished. Gyane was killed by a well placed tongue lash from a toad. He was buried back at the rebel camp with his favourite axe. His fellow dwarf Amelie shouldered his debt of 107 coin.

Keeper of the Swamp

an ominous presence that appears as a light in the fog that disappears from time to time. Apparently it can change colours (from yellow to white anyway). For our “transgressions” it wanted to take us to court, so we followed, but we were bogged down by morass and Esmeralda, Irina’s horse, sank into it completely, never to be recovered.

The Elf was struck by melancholy, but soon after vowed revenge on any and all riders and their mounts. “If I can't have a horse, NO ONE CAN!

A particularly nasty ghoul cost Lennie his masterwork shield. The lone creature was cut down by force of arms.

XP 85, HS 5