The battle of Koganusân

The weekly troop of raiders assembled in the Storyhome Inn to storm into Koganusân. Renal and his cronies Hunter, the ranger and Ecen and Gipest, the trusty caravan guards. Oscar the grand wizard and his bodyguards, the faithful Muma and the stout dwarf Melbil. Gus Rais needed money to continue gambling. Alissa, a veteran forged on the anvil that is Koganusân, and her squire Kamca also came.

Renal took command as usual and he pressed the party towards Koganusân. He checked up on the party's greatest ally, the goblins of Goblintown. Utes Doomedgorges, the master, had a job for the adventurers. To get to the Elves and deliver a peace offer and tribute consisting of recluse spider silk cloth.

On their way, the party crossed the main bridge into the outer city. There two mindless Mudmen sprung from ambush and surrounded the party from both sides of the bridge. Most of the party’s fighters focused on the Mudman behind them while Ecen and Gipest held the front one at bay. They were both tough and the mud flowed to the ground constantly. They even blinded Alissa and Ecen temporarily with their mud vomit. 4 lousy copper pieces were found among the remains. Renal dumped his into the river. No gruel for him, he said to himself, he lusted for more!

They were ambushed a second time by Gnolls! The beasts stood no chance and were annihilated swiftly. Finally at the Elves’ place, Awiri Beachweaver welcomed the adventurers with tea and invited them to sit around her fire. She agreed to a cease-fire with Goblintown and opened the way for further negotiations by handing the party a special headband with which goblin emissaries could approach the elven guard posts unharmed.

Renal pushed onwards down the main halway. He led the party on an assault on the badger tribe. The surprised guards had no chance. They didn’t even feel the charge hitting them. Swiftly the party destroyed the main door and surprised even more Badger Men. The survivors of the ensuing massacre fled to the neighbouring rooms where their brethren had been preparing for battle. fourty-three badgers assembled and tried a pincer attack on the party through two seperate doors. The adventurers quickly reacted and sent their mighty warriors to intercept. Great was the battle and many Badger men fell. Gus Rais and Oscar disrupted one Badger flank with simultaneous sleep spells, but it was not enough. When the Troll entered the battlefield the Party fled in panic and a wild chase ensued.

Chasing Um-e

The beast was unrelenting. The heavily armored fighters could not get away and the Troll constantly chomped and clawed at them. Ecen had it bad and was knocked out. To the elves!, Renal commanded. In the main hallway they were cut off by a band of giant rats! Darting through the food hall they managed to get enough distance between them and the troll to spike a door closed. The door did not survive the oversized humanoid’s onslaught, who just ripped it out of it’s frame. Jumping over traps the party hoped to lure the beast into them. A minor bumper on the way to delicious human flesh did not stop the pursuit and it was not enough to push it into the well.

Finally the Elven perimeter was reached. The guards alerted their allies, but the troll was already upon them and the party. Kamca threw himself between the Elves and the Troll. A mighty headbutt knocked out four teeth out of him and the troll continued his attack. Gus Rais distracted the troll with fire and relentless missile attacks drove it off! The elves who rushed to the site of the battle were not amused. Lure one more monster into us and we'll join the monster in killing you jerks!

Still high in spirit and shield count, the party ventured south. Devising to unlock an armoured door, 5 Gnolls tried to get the drop on them! The party was not taken by surprise and pushed the Gnolls back into the room from whence they came. The Gnoll survivors successfully held a door against the entire party to buy time for the beasts to gather their strenght. 4 Gnolls, 2 Concubines, 1 coward and 1 Leader joined the Door-Defender in defense of their home. Another bloody combat, for the monsters that is. Kamca was battered and his eye was destroyed by a stray blow in the melee. In the aftermath, the party quickly looted the rooms, picked up jewelry and packed everything into bags to get out of there. Hunter opened the armored door without anyone interrupting him and a solid gold armorstand was his reward. (Also shields)

On the way back to goblintown, Marat the Hydra was on the prowl for an easy meal! The adventurers were not surprised to see her popping her head out of the current and swiftly ran to safety.

Utes Doomedgorges was pleased with the dealings. He even allowed the party to pass through his domain without demanding an equal share of the treasure for his hard work. Right in the last room before heading out, baboons crossed the party’s path. They threw a rock at Hunter’s head who became enraged at the troublemakers and he singlehandedly chased them off cursing and threatening.

Back in town

The imagined loads of treasure the party hoped to have gained with a quick smash and grab at the Gnolls’ was in fact only empty crates. 2’000 GP and 3 potions could be recovered nonetheless as well as 7 Jewelry pieces from the Leader and his concubines.

Gus and Renal devised plans to open a brothel in the future after they learned that Passionhelm was lacking one such establishment. A tavern rumor compelled them to make plans for a visit of Girlclocks to the southeast, how only a random tavern rumor can. They wanted to look for working girls there for their brothel.

Muma spent his money and donated to his church. Onec Crowspring promised to send out a missionary to the north within the week. Oscar dabbled in grand strategy and financed his own detachment of crusaders in the upcoming campaign. All hail condottiere Oscar!