The hoard of the troglodyte horde

Lorian the dwarf, Muma Cleric of Mitra, Catarina the dwarf, Thora the Magic-User

Retainers: Urir, Spera, Lucy, Sana

In town

Onec Crowspring the curate of Mitra has abandoned his temple, gathered his followers and retainers and marched to Koganus├ón to “Wipe out the chaos abominations.” He urged all fellow Justicars and Lawspeakers to assist. The count’s officials suspect tax evasion. Others suspect an attempt to conquer the deepest levels of the dungeon, the mystical temple, where no one returns from alive.

Thora gifted 200 coin to Catarina, a new arrival, to equip the dwarf with proper armor.


Then they rushed beyond the chasm to find Onec Crowspring’s party. On their way Sana broke into an alchemy lab, retrieving a stone that turned Lorian’s armor into gold (severely reducing its protection), a room full of lifeless warriors and lastly into a Troglodyte Stronghold.

They must’ve hit the backdoor, since only an animal caretaker was there to defend against the incursion. A moment later, a mighty Guardian lumbered into the stables. Muma stunned the beast and it was surrounded, our weapons were not as effective as we believed. With the towering troglodyte vanquished, a huge mob assembled against us: 10 troglodyte skirmishers, 3 Maneras (“ceiling lobsters”), 7 Drunians (ugly, hairy subterranian claw monkeys), 4 large rats, a weird Molemarian (half mole, half troglodyte) and a ferocious Green Devourer


Fire in the hole!

Thora blasted them all with a Fireball and only the devourer was left standing. It was quickly cut down by the dwarves.

valuables worth 30’000 (!) coin could be recovered, most likely stolen from the Shadowforge Dwarves who dwell nearby. Elk Birds, captured from the troglodyte stables, carried the loot outside. Them being subterranean creatures, they writhed under the wretched sunlight, so a stop was made on the edge of the jungle to fashion blindfolds out of cloth for the birds.

Knowing the dangers, half the party kept watch, but 4 huge Jungle Trolls surprised them! The fighting was bitter, Sana broke her ribs and many shields were splintered. Thora used her web spells to entangle two of the bigger ones, but the others fought on. Fire was used, but it only made the trolls angrier and they renewed their onslaught.

Catarina was in a bad spot, already wounded, her shield splintered, the last troll made a dash for her in a bloodrage, batting away Urir and Spera who had rushed to her aid with its mighty fists. When all seemed lost, Catarina scrambled away, avoiding the troll’s bite and giving the others time to cut the beast down for good.

Licking their wounds, the party made the last leg of their journey home.

Back in town

Lorian pawned off his golden armor, but bought it back with his share later to exhibit it in his new smithy The Golden Smithy. He also arranged for the High Blacksmith of Kinmelbil to visit him, as well as his entourage. Living in a majority human town and unable to speak their language, he posted a notice for an assistant in Girlclocks, hoping to attract a comely lass from there.

Catarina bought up a large area of land right outside the walls to open a Potato Plantation. She’s hoping to open a distillery later. She is also bound a visit from the counts tax collectors once business gets going.

Urir, being a devout man, spent his share as well as his savings to establish a temple to Armokthe one true god

Muma took over the vacant temple of Mitra as the new patron, which let the remaining servants there rejoice, for they would not have to fear robbers as much in the future. He discovered a large proving grounds in the vast catacombs beneath the Mitra temple. It’s like someone was training an army down there but left in a hurry! Barracks were abandoned and armories hastily emptied.