Those cats were fast as lightning

Ghenk, and his 4 mercenaries from the Private Legion, Ramston, Ebi, Quistra and Issha.

Thora, Urir, Spera

Lorian, Lucy, Safoth the thief, and Lorian’s mercenary Suril

Expedition beyond the chasm

The room in which a Magma Man was dwelling was breached, ruining the hot box. Urir tried talking him down, since he spoke the language of Armok’s progeny but Lorian had already let loose a stone from his sling which only infuriated the beast. The party decided to come back later when the valuable obsidian would have cooled off.

They freed two fire imps that were trapped in a very large candle. While they burned down the candle, a terrible carcass scavanger surprised the rear guard. Its many tentacles paralyzed many before it was struck down. After that, the fire imps thanked the party and showed them exploding traps in front of an engraved ornamented platinum door

Ignoring caved-in side passages, the party explored further beyond the chasm. 8 Lynxmen lay in ambush. Their equipment was strange, made out of purely white wood. The lynxmen did not see the fireball coming that burned them to death.

A rival party who did not introduce themselves shooed them away from the southern tunnels. Back in the Magma Man room there were 3 Obsidian Gargoyles. Terrible statues come to life it is said. They were after the obsidian too and a fight broke out. They killed three of the mercenaries, Ebi, Quistra and Issha, before a truce was struck. The Gargoyles made off with half of the obsidian to repair their shattered comrade.