Time before Time

The Time before Time was the time from which not even the immortal goblins and elves have records of. It was a time of wonder, magic was overflowing and the greatest sorcerers lived in that time. Magic was not as sophisticated as it is today but the raw power was greater.

It was the time when Dragons ruled huge tracts of land and established the Dragon Empires with the help of their minions, the Demonspawn, and lost it again to wild elves, ferocious dwarves and crafty humans. It was also the time of the greatest Lizard Empires.

When the first truly civilized entities in the world after the fall of the Lizard and the Dragon Empires, the Humans of [[Mistrumomon_Ibid?]] and the dwarves of [[Kinmelbil?]], began keeping historical records, the Age of Myth began.

Only a handful of beings are alive today (the year 1165) in the Age of Legends that have lived in the Time before Time, mostly Elves, Goblins and other immortals.

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