Time before time

On a far continent

pursued by titans and their cohorts of giants, the beastmen have no choice but to invade the human realm, dooming it to fall. The beastly conquerors try to prop up the realm’s corpse, but their successor states eventually fall to anarchy. An exodus of humans over the sea is the result.

Humano-Pumilionic Calendar

Dawn of Time - year 1 : Time before Time

1-34: [[First_Golden_Age?]], the humans of the Treasure Realm and the dwarves of Kinmelbil first begin to record history

35-205: Age of Myth, a resurgence of the mythical powers occurs (mainly Giants and Rocs), Ylath drives the Storm Giants out of the heavens into the sea as a consequence

206-578: Age of Legends, a time when the powers of the world were fading. Giants, Dragons and Lizardmen become fewer in number as Kobolds, Humans, Dwarves and Elves push into their habitats

579-612: [[Age_of_the_Roc_and_Forgotten_Beast?]], the Roc Arimahn Proudfeather the Dreaded Swoop and the forgotten beast As the Everlasting Flame, who escaped the depths of the world go on rampages and devastate much of the known world. As and its Flaming Crusaders die at the hands of a coalition of Fire Giants, Red Dragons and Dwarves in the Battle at charred pass while Arimahn is shot out of the sky be the magics of the Crimson Magic-User. The site where these magics were used are now known as the Valley that must not be.

613-665: [[Second_Golden_Age?]], The coronation of King Itrid of the Treasure Realm and his Nephew Bil in Nathobgil lead to an era of peace and prosperity among humans. Other realms were also positively influenced by this.

666-913: [[Age_of_Twilight?]], general distrust and uncertainty leads to isolation and war. Bil's heirs are banished from Nathobgil and a people’s government is established. A bloody war with the Treasure Realm follows in which the people’s government prevails.

914-1165 (present): [[Age_of_Treachery?]], a time where the war between the followers of Malassa and Asno was waged, Outcome uknown. The People’s Government of Nathobgil wanes and city states secede from the realm.

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