The Three Rings of Knowledge

Nenya, The Ring of Water, also called the Ring of Adamant, made of reinforced lapis with a shimmering white stone; it was the chief of the Three; Cure Light Wounds 3× per day, Create Water at will, additional known spells when worn: Fog (1st), Resist Cold (2nd), Water Breathing (3rd), Water Walking (4th), Polymorph Self (Blue Dragon only) (5th), Cone of Cold (6th), Horrid Wilting (7th)

Narya, The Ring of Fire, reinforced cinnabar set with a ruby; Tinder at will, additional known spells when worn: Firecall, Resist Fire, Fireball, Conflagration, Fire Shield, Fire Seeds, Incindiary Cloud. The wearer inspires courage in the ones around them and anyone under the wearer’s command has their morale increased by 1.

Vilya, The Ring of Air and mightiest of the Three, gold with a sapphire stone; Cure Light Wounds 3× per day, Cure Serious Wounds 1× per day, Message at will (in the form of a whispering wind), additional known spells when worn: Fog, Resist Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Fly, Wind Wall, Chain Lightning

The Nine Rings of Kings

Charm Person 3× per day, Invisibility 3× per day (The duration being equal to the time the ring is worn), ST+2, CHA+2,

Any creature that dies while wearing one of the Rings of Kings will immediately rise as a Wraith (The ring falls to the ground in such a case).

The Ring of Power, the Emperor

Permanent invisibility while worn.

The wearer understands languages they don’t already know.

Each day wearing the ring and on each donning and doffing of it there is a 25% chance of attracting 1d4 Wraiths who appear near the wearer.

The wearer of the ring of power can bestow a curse (touch) upon anyone who wears one of the Nine Rings of Kings. The curse causes the subject to die in a week’s time and rise as a Wraith under the wearer of the ring of power’s control.

Axe of the Lunar Disc

This axe uses celestial tide powers (chaotic) to tear enemies apart. +3, +6 on fullmoons

The Lionshield of Courage

An old crone asks you to do chores for her. As payment, she offers a rusty dirt encrusted shield that won’t deflect anything you think. When the shield is somehow discarded or is used to block (do not check for destruction in this instance), the rust and dirt fall off, revealing this +2 shield that makes you fearless