Wannabe necropolis

The church of Freya has certainly noticed the party and sent Renal to guide the adventurers towards the righteous path. Dixil was there and decided that he could not let this fanatic run off to his death in the tunnels and joined him. Old Lorbam finally re-enlisted while Caelynn and Alissa signed up as well for a share of the loot and of the peril. A trusty Shepherd and a vengeful Hunter also joined. Everything was better than to face the faces of the ones he had lost. Warosp instructed Renal one last time and handed him a scroll of protection from Evil as his graduation gift.

At first the plan was to search for Anog in Goblintown and let him give the party a task to repay him the favour they owed him. After a brief conversation at the Door, they realized that they had to cross the river to get to Anog. Dixil convinced Renal that this was not the time to take such great risks just to converse with a lowly goblin scout.

Deciding to now search high and low for Kogsak, the lost explorer, the party examined the former Bandit hideout one more time. There they found a Well. Lorbam the dwarf said that dwarven citadels often have expansive aequeducts to feed their various wells and fountains. This one was full with water though and the party moved on. There was also a group of Dwarven explorers maybe they were searching for Kogsak too or maybe they were just out for some fun. They mentioned a rumour that by smashing up beetle corpses one could sometimes find valuable gems. Far to the West the party found a room filled with the bleached bones of the dead and a Strange black stone ring. Kogsak was also there, half delirious, keeping her sword between herself and the party. Dixil convinced her to come forward by offering rations and a way out and as she came closer, she recognized Dixil as a friendly face. She warned the party about the unnatural noises coming from the north.

The party made ready and opened the door to the north. two Ghouls came running, eager to scrape the flesh off the party’s bones! After a brief combat, Renal was able to turn the abominations and they were quickly destroyed. The hoard the creatures guarded was immense! 8 valuable green gems and much coin were retrieved. Renal found an artifact mace, Bone fragments hung from it’s handle and rich lead ornaments covered the pommel. Wise Dixil argued to book it with the treasure and the group did so.

Back in town, the explorer’s guild threw a feast to celebrate Kogsak’s safe return and the party was invited. The artifact was the talk of the evening. Everybody wanted to see their lost legacy. The dwarves argued that Renal should hold on to it until he decided to retire before returning this treasure to the dwarven people of Kinmelbil. Kogsak and Kubuk the hairy toasted many times to the successful tall folk and they would always have a place in their halls.

Still lusting for more, the party returned to Koganusân the next day. To the north of the ramparts the party explored access tunnels and behind a coverstone in a dead end they found a map fragment. Using the information gained the Party was able to access a nearby secret door. Out of all places the trigger to it was hidden in the ceiling! In an old Guardroom they encountered five skeletons. Renal turned them and they were ground to dust beneath his boot.

The party quietly slipped into what they thought to be the kobold back-area. They snuck into a holding cell, killing three Kobold guards and freeing Snodub a prisoner there. Renal would relentlessly try to convert the goblin to follow Freya. A peeking Kobold young cut the conversation short and Dixil pressed everyone to get away quickly back through the secret door.

Snodub was escorted back to Goblintown and the party was granted access. The rules were

They met with the master, Utes Doomedgorges. He and Renal argued much about religion and Renal tried to convert the old goblin. He mentioned his duty to worship Asno, but allowed the Freyans to send a missionary to try his luck. They also negotiated for the release of Paytah’s body, who sadly died under torture a week ago. Utes tried to recruit the adventurers to venture into the Natural Caves from where burrowing invaders were threatening to overrun Goblintown. Ill equiped and poorly mounted, without large sums of coin the party decided to first prepare if they ever wanted to venture into those caves.

An agreement was reached and the party headed east over the river to retrieve Paytah’s body. on the way the fearsome Hydra Marat attacked! But was luckily distracted by a few cave crocodiles who were destined to become the creatures meal. Anog was on the other side, greeting the adventurers. The encounter was brief and the party hastily made haste and was not spotted on the way back by none of the eight heads of the hydra.

For good luck, Renal threw a coin in the newly discovered well. He was almost bitten when seven cave crocodiles lunged out from the depths and attacked the group. They quickly rallied and got out of there as fast as they could.