When a minotaur comes a'knocking

Many deaths are to be mourned, but also much honour to be enjoyed. The party still didn’t succeed in infiltrating the Shadowforge Dwarves. They couldn’t even find their domain yet.

After spending much time to decide what to do, Renal whipped the party through the dungeon. The hideout of the hated Badger Remnants were found, and after their elder lied dead in the dungeon dust, they surrendered. Renal proceeded to enslave the lot of them.

On the way back to town for slave business, they came across a few goblins. They were eager to purchase torture subjects but insisted the party followed them to a secluded (ruined) shop for price negotiations. It was a trap! The goblins drew steel and a fight ensued. Renal was caught off guard with the leader upstairs, but he held his own. In an extended clash, Dastry Sass was distracted by the panicked slaves! One of the Doppelgangers seized the opportunity and sank his wicked curved sword into the lizardman’s neck! The noble savage fought on, but died to his injuries.

The treacherous creatures were slain, save one. He pleaded with the party I'll lead you to treasure, leave me alive!. The survivors were enticed and prodded their captive onward, treasure on their minds. At the site (still located in the dungeon) they met 2 fearful explorer's guild dwarves whose actions were of little consequences. As they refused to lift the found treasure back to town, they left, clearly offended.

The Doppelganger was let go. A mistake?