World Events 1

The war of the traitor. This event has happened before the first party went adventuring, but it is one of the defining events in recent history

After king Xetan was murdered by his brother, Buspel Dunecrypts, the latter was disqualified from succession and the kingdom was without heir. The pregnant queen decided that a regency council should be instituted until her unborn child would come of age. Prominent vassals like Duke Anith tempestheights and High Priest Id Omentest supported this course of action.

What’s worse is that Buspel, now known as “the traitor”, assembled an army of both goblin mercenaries and troops from his own holdings and started a war to take the kingdom by force. Important and powerful former vassals heeded the queen’s call to arms while some stayed neutral and decided to become independant petty kings. Others like Count Limun Pureheart decided to wait and see wether the queen and the heir would survive the birth. The birth is scheduled for early January

The two forces met at Dunecrypt Ford. The loyalists were goaded into crossing the stream and were ambushed by the traitors. The fighting was apocalyptic. The goblin villains channeled the power of Asno while Mitra’s Lawspeakers on the loyalist’s side motivated their troops to fight on against the otherworldly forces. The traitors retreated when Buspel was heavily wounded. When the loyalists pursued, the goblins lost most of their forces and headed back into the mountains from whence they came.

The loyalists used their victory to lay siege to the traitor’s hold Tintarge. The siege is still ongoing.

The realm was hit hard by both the loss of it’s king and the costly battle of Dunecrypt Ford. The loss of many soldiers has motivated bandits and other rebels to come out of hiding and act more bold. The remnants of the traitor’s army, unable to break the siege from the outside on their own, are still marauding through the realm.

This was in autumn. In winter on the 17th of december the party ventured into Koganusân and news of the riches they brought back have begun to spread through the area.