Ylath is the dragon of the wind. It was the first one of it’s kind. Legend has it that Ylath was present at the creation of the world.

It’s lesser spawn is known as white dragons. The mightiest of the Griffons and Giant Bats are also called to his service from time to time.

Humans are said to be descendants of Ylath. Representing the all encompassing air, Ylath is so much like the humans who spread everywhere as well that it only seems logical.

Ylath says:When you are confronted with two choices, you should not ponder about it too much. Simply choose what makes you the happiest at the moment, for you would regret it anyway.


Score In search of the perfect strike
2Comrade Compass: when being separated during a chase, you can always choose with which party members you end up with.
4Dual Wind: you are able to dual wield. You do not attack twice per round, but instead when you roll damage, you roll twice and keep the better result
7Wind Mastery: You can now wield short-swords, handaxes and maces regardless of class. When you dual wield, you roll 2d20 and use the better result for your attack roll (replaces rolling twice for damage and keeping the better roll)
8The Perfect Strike: at any time: perform an attack, that automatically hits and does maximum damage. Once per adventure

Spellbook: Wind with us

Ylath, send us your wind. Let it guide our strikes and make us move swiftly. I call the Westwind, the Wind of Pride, the dwarven wind and the arid wind. I go with you and you go with me, Onwards!

Spell LevelSpell NameTraditional Name
1Guiding Windtrue strike
1Westwind that brings the waterNew spell, Fog
1Watchful WindAlarm
2Ylath’s electrifying mantlesee below (Electrifying Mantle)
2Ylaths helping windsee below (jump)
2Gracesee below
3The wind that closes sorescure disease
3Wind Wallsee below
3Ylath’s tongueLightning Bolt
4Purifyneutralize poison
4Wind of glorysee below
4Blow the jinx awayremove curse
5Spark of LifeNew Spell
5Thunderflame strike (but lightning damage)
6Dance of the White Dragoncontrol Weather

any spell above fifth level is granted by agents of Ylath themselves, the white dragons.

1st level

Watchful Wind: wards an area against intrusion for 8 hours. If trespassing occurs, the priest will know.

True Strike: touched target gains +20 on it’s next attack.

Westwind that brings live giving water: thick fog surrounds the cleric in a 10m radius, seeping in through every crag it can

2nd level

Ylath's helping wind: Jump up to 10m high or across. Does not work underwater.

Electrifying cloak: Every creature striking the priest must save vs. spell or take 1d6 lightning damage

Grace: Attacks against the Target always miss and they have AC1 against missile attacks. Lasts 1 round

3rd level

Wind Wall: Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.

4th level

Wind of glory: Heal all allies in an expanding radius of wind for 5 HP


Spark of Life: The target is invigorated with new life, This spell

Furthermore, if the target has only died within the last 3 rounds, they are brought back to life at 1 hit point and the lethal wounds are closed.

Spell Progression

Level1st circle2nd circle3rd circle4th circle5th circle6th Circle