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The Goblins of Goblintown give the idea to infiltrate the Shadowforge dwarves. Renal wants to disguise everyone, even the huge lizardman Dastry Sass. On the way to get sheep wool for fake beards, they are ambushed by a horde of agressive wolves. Pauline breaks her sword arm. She’ll be out until mid August. Dastry wanted to drop her off at her hometown, the newly named [[Boatsoothed?]].

After a Lunch at the explorer’s guild, Renal badgers Akkad Feathercandle into handing him a scroll of Communicate with the wierdest strangers

Because they bought way too many sheep, they just decided to bring the fourty bawling creatures with them. Protesting at the dark in the dungeon they were a pain to move around with. They attracted many monsters, but most of them were wierded out and dispersed at the mighty heard. Heading off to where they met the dwarves many months ago, they found the dungeon repopulated. Instead of Gnolls they found ghouls and strange wells. Behind a black marked door, a pair of ghouls stood guard over a cache with the symbol of Deyja painted on it. Silly Necromancers, letting their valuables just lay around.

Don't touch those! was Alissa’s warning. Renal laughed in the face of danger You don't get to be an adventurer without attracting the odd curse. The gems were theirs!

In the old common room Stone Guardians refused Dastry Sass access for not being a resident. That's our pet the others of the party remarked and the Guardians relented. In the basement, a most disgusting foe dwelled. The Rat King was holding court! His minions thrashed and gnawed at the front line, but they held sway and the rodent monarch fled as fast as his stubby legs could carry him. Badly afflicted by his disgusting presence, The party’s inner make-up was changing. As a consolation price, the Rat King had left behind his crown jewels.

Alissa grew hair where she didn’t want it, her voice became growling and her immune system seemed to toughen up. She was turning into a man! Obler grew a wormy rat tail while Renal and Melbil where cursing the bright light of the torches they held for their eyes were now nocturnal. The others got away with only minor mutations.

Then the knife wielding box was found. Nobody trusted the apparatus, and Alissa cautiously poked it with her spear. As she cut the tentacle extruding from it and broke the box, an abomination sprung forth! Or would have sprung forth if they hadn’t set the box on fire first. Ther reward was a brilliant cut purple gemstone.

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