deposing the Kobold King

Mustering for battle

Call in the banners! The party went to war against the Kobold King! Sixteen brave souls united under the party’s banner to destroy the Kobold King once and for all. Renal’s unlimited free beer encouraged the adventurers of Passionhelm. An inspection of the troops found the following:

Alissa trying to unsuccessfully usurp Renal’s leadership position, she took on the role of second-in-command

Renal always at the forefront, Renal took command of the expedition

Oscar the great wizard finally interrupted his studies to delve into the dungeon once more


Mirding an old face with new elan

There was trouble on the way. Anog the goblin warned the party about an ambush set for them on the road and they took a path around it through the wilderness.

The party attempted to smoke out the Kobolds from behind through a secret door, but the kobolds were prepared and had erected barricades. The Kobolds were able to flee with their treasure before the party could get to them.

Into the natural caves again

For leading them around the ambush, the goblin only asked one thing in return: For the party to cleanse the natural caves of the hated Serpentmen once and for all. No spiders turned up this time and the party made way into the serpents’ lair. sixteen Serpentmen were not pleased to find the adventurers intruding upon their territory. Mirding let loose her sleep spell and the battle was soon won, but not before Renal was hit in his big dumb uncovered head and knocked out. Another five serpentmen tried to cover the retreat of their non-combatants but they were overwhelmed by the quantity of the attackers. The last one standing tried to bite, but he didn’t get to inject his venom and was slain. Among the remains of the biggest and meanest serpent a ornated quarterstaff with the head of a snake at one end was found. Oscar immediately seized it while Eloise wanted to hold on to it as well. Alissa mediated the dispute and the two soon forgot that the staff even existed in the first place.

In a neighbouring cave, the tribe’s last warrior swayed the greedy adventurers with the promise of treasure in exchange for safe passage for the tribe’s serpentwomen and serpentchildren. Kamca and Rolf went with him to get the treasure while the non-combatants were forced to stay as hostages and were interrogated about the monsterpeople’s way of living. The serpentman returned with the two who were loaded with treasure and the party honored their side of the deal.

Not daring to venture further, they returned to Goblintown while the defeated serpentmen went out through the cave river access. The master, Utes Doomedgorges was concerned about the fate of the tribe’s leader, who was said to be a large ogre and withheld payment until he was neutralized as well.

And so the party returned. In the deepest, dankest cave the Blind Cave Ogre had his lair. How did he fit in here anyway? The oversized humanoid heard the party discuss their tactical options and a fight ensued. It wasn’t the toughest of ogres and he soon found himself covered in flaming oil and surrounded by well armored fighters. Mirding landed the decisive blow with her sling, knocking him out and the fighters finished the job. Besides fat ogre shit and 1’000 coins, the ogre didn’t have any earthly posessions. Utes Doomedgorges was pleased and handed over the promised reward of 500gp. Loaded with treasure, the party headed out.

But not before a ghost of Koganusân appeared. Renal used a scroll of protection from evil and approached the aparition. He was in search of the artifact weapons he had forged in life and was glad that Renal was holding on to Paintedcaves. Appeased, the ghost went back into Spirit Space.

Jungle ambush

“Is that the stench of a monstrous ferret? No this one must be a bigger, meaner son of a bitch…” Rolf said to himself and was on guard when twenty five kobolds sprang from the bushes, among them 2 Knights on giant Weasels and the dreaded Kobold King.

“Ambush! Kobolds are attacking!” From 3 sides at once the kobolds had planned to rush the party but they rallied their fighters and dwarves and a terrific battle ensued. Oscar put the flanking kobolds to sleep and the party concentrated on the main formation. Several people were knocked down by the ferocious onslaught of the weasels but with their riders shot out of their saddles they were only half as dangerous. The king’s ferret was the most tenacious one and almost broke through the right flank but it could be put down. One weasel survived and Renal was unsuccessful in befriending it.

The Kobold King’s crown fit nicely inside the one Oscar liberated from the serpentmen. The “Sorcerour” the kobolds had with them was in posession of a wand.

Back in town

No one died! Not even a scratch! (except Alissa and Melbil who were badly bruised by the Weasels)

Oscar built himself a two story house while Eloise donated her entire share to the church of Ylath. Oscar donated as well and many settler families are expected to come in the coming months. But where will they go? Will they stay in Passionhelm or strike out on their own from there?