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> The immediate area:
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Passionhelm and Koganus├ón are located in the “No man’s land” that separates the Kingdom of Mistrumomon Ibid from the Smooth Points of Pride

The immediate area:


Many Civilizations and entites make their homes in The Ageless Universe. The most important are:

Kinmelbil, The oaken tomes, the dwarven kingdom to the north.

Mistrumomon Ibid, the treasure-Realm of sides, a human kingdom to the west. After a brief civil war and the death of the monarch, the regency council tries to restore order but at the moment their combined forces only control their own lands and the capital city of Lightreigns.

Lirathiti, the greatest Leap, The lush green elven forests have been ruled by Queen Nisa Hailsung the awesome current of Seasons of Lizardrouted since the Time before time (i.e. for more than 1000 years)

Nathobgil, the wilted Union, a fractured realm to the South. Law-Giver San Tendermeetings tries to restore the glory of the old confederacy but eight realms have declared independence.

  1. Mong Ol, the Nation of sport ruled by Law-Giver Emmun Ropegates. They are feuding with Lusko Bistkash.
  2. Lusko Bistkash, The coalition of jesting ruled by Lord Caltath Blizzardbunches
  3. Thaguk Colli
  4. Dasar Talde
  5. Nedulnilun
  6. Tokebesti
  7. the republic of Thespde Muk, the society of seizing ruled by Law-Giver Turod Stokedshovels
  8. Ehrathrel

Since the rulers of Mong Ol and Thespde Muk have declared themselves as Law-Givers, San Tendermeetings of Nathobgil considers them traitors and is especially hostile towards them.

Colis Tarn former Territory of Nathobgil was ravaged some years ago by creatures descending from the mountains. A dark presence now occupies the land and it is said the remaining human inhabitants have turned into Ghouls and roam the land in search of prey. The Church of Elrath has called for the assembly of a great crusade, the likes of which not even in the Time before Time existed, to purge the land.

Boldolnilun, The cyclopean council a “primitive” kingdom to the northwest. Under High-Chief Radir Buddedchannels of clan Black Raven the tribes are called to the tribal moot of Fluke-ordered every season

Elsmotsong, the scarlet scourge the goblin empire to the east across the Smooth Points of Pride. Ruled with an iron fist by Head Vilainess Snodub Livingmenace the Life-hater of Torment from the Dark Fortress of Osmodbax/Questednightmares