The Bacta system is home to Bantuu Station, the largest constructed spaceport in the local quadrant, and acts the central hub of Vanta Sector, subsector LC/39A. The system is comprised of it’s M-class red supergiant star, Bacta, as well as 5 planetary bodies and one asteroid belt. The terrestrial planets in the system are largely uninhabitable, due to the intense solar flares that erupt from the aging star, with the exception of the subterranean megacities found on Rhenv’ar (the fourth planet).

The system does contain one Jovian planet, a gas giant and failed star named Rhoaj, which helps to manage the asteroid belt and retain the farthest planets from falling into Bacta’s expanding orbit. Rhoaj is best known for it’s blue and violet hues which often kick up massive lightning storms that etch across the atmosphere on closer approaches to Bacta. Rhoaj has 56 moons, though most of them appear to be captured asteroids or comets.